The Safe City, Surveillance EVERYWHERE?

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Are cities are safer with the safe city concept, Surveillance cameras in every street, room and bus. Read this article


  Did you ever really pay attention to the TV today and for the past forty years. It is a feedback loop teaching our kids and total population that kill, murder, hate, war and sex and drugs are the ways to be cool. It's true, just look at the titles in your TV Guide, listen to the music or watch a kid play a video game. The kids are being taught how to be naughty, hateful and violent.
The increase in crime is a windfall profit for these surveillance companies, without the crime, there would be no need for surveillance cameras. Lawyers make huge amounts of money too, this is why the freedom of speech laws allow all of the filth and hate to be directed at our kids.
About forty five years ago my brother was in law school. He told me that his lawyer friends said that their incomes went up ten times when Divorce Court came out.

Karl Marx wrote that he could take a democratic country and make them pay for the rope to hang themselves. How do you do it. Get the kids on sex, drugs, useless things and break up the family.
The crime wave in the world is being taught to our kids with the purpose of destroying democracy and making incredible amounts of money in the process. You can see that this is true by how much money that this surveillance company is making, crime does pay.
What do we do about it? Nothing! It's too late. We are trained to watch a good murder movie. That doesn't make sense, there is no such thing as a good murder movie. We are trained to watch our favorite celebrities. Just look at these celebrities. Foul mouth, violent and spread naked on the internet for all to see.
What are we teaching our kids? Sex, Drugs, Violence and Break up the family. What are the problems in society? Sexual Misconduct, Drug Abuse, Murders, Robbery and Divorce.
It's a regenerative feedback system that we have created all in the name of freedom of speech. And, this article calls it the Safe City concept. C. Jeff Dyrek 
15 July 2008

Read this Article, China's All-Seeing Eye. 


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