Sex Definations that shape our teens lives.

Sex Definitions, How Does Webster's Dictionary Look at It.

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Do you want to know about naked teens, sex, pornography? Read here and learn about sex and see about these rude and nude teens.

How about lust, or harlot or obscene?  Are we using these words with the proper context.  Do we realize what a lot of these people really are?  Look at the teen idols, the teen singers or any sexy model in the movies.  Is it sex that we are selling or are we really selling the destruction, a planned destruction of the united states.   Type in any teen idol name plus the word nude into any search engine then read the definitions below.  You can include search strings like "teens nude" or "nude teens" and you will see naked little girls completely nude having sex with each other and multiple partners.  The celebrities in the movies are, almost, all nasty naked women doing filthy sex before your eyes and your kids use these people as role models.  Your kids learn that it is proper to use sex for advancement.  Your kids look at these teen idols to see how to be popular.  But, popular for what, to be the hottest sexpot in school? To be the most desired teen?  Shouldn't your kids be popular for how decent they are not how filthy they are?  Shouldn't your kids have every chance to become the socially favorite because of their high grades or how much they help others and the community?  Think of it then watch the cartoons on Fox Kids TV then tell me what this company wants your kids to become.  This is Psychological Warfare against our families, our country and our future.  These companies call it Freedom of Speech when they are really selling porn to your kids and making BIG BUCKS in the process. 

I asked a police officer if I said to a little girl, "Let's have an all girl sex orgy, we're all turning gay,"  if I would get in trouble.  He responded with, "You Bet you would!"   This is a quote from the Saturday morning kids program, "Family Guy"  So why is it ok to tell your kids this filth, over and over, while if you said the same thing, you can be put in jail?   Why?  Why is OK to for kids programs to tell your kids this kind of filth?

Our country is being torn apart, piece by piece, and we are being led to believe that
it's our freedom of speech to allow all filth to reach our children's ears and that
even one mention of God is a terrible thing.

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brittney spears nude and pamela anderson nude, that's what the movies and bookstore bring your kids

These definitions are about sex and morals

Where do your teens idols fit in.

Abominable   ----   Repugnantly hateful, detestable, loathsome.    Very unpleasant, disagreeable.    Very bad, poor, inferior.     Syn.  Abhorrent, horrible,   revolting,    foul.

Decency   ----   The state of quality of being decent.    Conformity to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste,   Conformity to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc.     Something decent or proper. Decencies;    The requirements or amenities of decent living or conduct.

Decent ----   Fitting, Appropriate:   Conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc.  As in behavior or speech.    Respectable, worthy: a decent family.   A fairly attractive appearance.    Informal, wearing enough clothing to be seen in public.

Discourtesy   ----   Lack or breach of courtesy;   incivility, rudeness.      A discourteous or impolite act.

Harlot   ----   A lewd or promiscuous woman: A prostitute; Strumpet;   Pertaining to or like a harlot: Low

Lecher   ----   A man given to excessive sexual indulgence.

Lecherous   ----   Erotically suggestive,   inciting to lust,   lecherous photographs.

Lechery   ----   Free or excessive indulgence of sexual desire.   A lecherous act.

Lewd   ----   Inclined to, characterized by or inciting to lust or lechery.     Obscene or indecent, as language or songs, etc.

Lust   ----   Sexual desire or appetite.    Uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite.    To have strong sexual desire.     Have a strong or excessive craving.

Obscene   ----   Offensive to modesty or decency: indecent, lewd: obscene pictures.  Causing or intending to cause sexual excitement or Lust.   Abominable, disgusting, repulsive: an obscene exhibition of public discourtesy.

Obscenity  ----   The character or quality of being obscene;   indecency.    Something obscene, as a picture or story.    An obscene word or expression, esp.  When used as an invective.

Pornographer ----   A person who writes of sells pornography

Pornography  ----   Obscene literature, art, or photography.  Esp.  That having little or no artistic merit.    Writing or writer about harlots

Promiscuous ---- Having sexual relations with a number of partners on an informal or casual basis,   casual; irregular; haphazard.

Strumpet  ---- A prostitute; harlot.

Tramp  -----   A women with loose morals

Could you put any of these titles on any of the Teen Idols that your kids are growing up and admiring?

Ref:   the Random House Dictionary of he English language, copyright 1983

I have received a lot of emails about this page.  The people who sent me letters used words like: F...  G..D...   F... You   etc.
Why would anyone be mad at me for quoting the dictionary?  Could it be that these people fit the description listed above.  If they used these kinds of words like the ones they did in their letters to me, you can easily tell where their mind is at.  These people sure like to yell at everyone, but they are afraid to look at themselves.  With people like this, is our country moving in a positive, better, direction.  No way.  We are degenerating into a country of just filth and a lack of intelligence.  If we don't change the way our TV promotes filth, hate, crime, drugs, divorce, sex and just bad morals all the way around, we won't have much more time before a total collapse of our society.  Bye, Bye America.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

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when is your teen first going to have sex, watch tv and find out where she learns about sex

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