Siamak Hatami on the North Pole,  Famous Iranian Explorer
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Siamak Hatami
The 1st Man from Iran on the North Pole, April 2002
Siamak Hatami, the first person from Iran to visit the North Pole.
Explorer and Adventurer from Iran
Famous Iranian People

El hombre primero de Irn en el Polo Norte, abril de 2002

Siamak Hatami on the North Pole spring 2002

Siamak Hatami from Iran.
Siamak Hatami was the first person from Iran to stand on the North Pole.  To see the North Pole Exhibit, Here

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Siamak Hatami has gone to the North Pole, and you can do it too, from any country


Siamak Hatami on the North Pole spring 2002
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   Thomas Trautman, Siamak Hatami, Gianni  

Siamak Hatami was the first person from Iran to ever stand on the Geographic North Pole.
At this time there were less than 1000 people to ever visit the North Pole.  There were
more people to go to the summit of Mt. Everest than there were on the Geographic North Pole.
This was the very last, true, expedition to the North Pole because we were the last
group that to take everything for our survival on the most difficult place on earth to reach.
This trip went through Moscow, Norilsk, Khatanga Siberia, Severnaya Zemlya, Camp Borneo,
then to the true Geographic North Pole. 

In the following year all of the expeditions went through Longyearbyen Norway and all a
person had to bring was some money and a heavy coat.  Everything was already set up when
they arrived at Camp Borneo and a tourist was just a tourist, not a real Expedition Member.
This is why I call the 2002 North Pole Expedition the very last true Expedition, because we were
the last group and we had to take everything there ourselves.

In the spring of 2007 there was another North Pole Tour, but in the Summer of 2008 Global
Warming claimed more than three million square kilometers of the arctic ice which was never
recovered in 2008.  Expedition companies are calling for an April 2008 expedition to the North Pole,
but, with the way the ice is looking and global warming, I personally don't believe this will be possible.

The man standing on the left side of the picture is Thomas Trautman, the first wing suit jumper
on the North Pole.

C. Jeff Dyrek, 2005 Expedition Guide and 2005 North Pole Expedition Leader.


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  To see the 2002 North Pole Exhibit, Here



  Some Videos from the North Pole Expedition That Siamak Has gone on.

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