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0R09197 0R09197Overland Limited Train Set

The biggest and the best!. From a powerful locomotive to an impressive consist of  nine cars - this set has it all! Includes Union Pacific Overland 4-8-4 steam  locomotive and tender with operating smoke and headlight features, grain car, 3 dome tank car, flat car with logs, center flow hopper, open quad offset hopper, 2  plug door box cars, wood stock car, wide vision caboose, a 65"x 38" oval E-Z  Track®, UL listed power pack, and illustrated instruction manual.   ....#0R09197 155.00

0R09174 0R09174The Lafayette Train Set

Complete, ready-to-run HO scale train set features the 4-2-0 Lafayette, the first  locomotive in the B&O roster with a leading truck and a horizontal boiler. You also  get three historical passenger cars, 47"x 38" oval of nickel silver track, power  pack, lifetime limited warranty and more. It's an electric train that makes a great historical display, too!   ....#0R09174

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0R09125 0R09125The John Bull Train Set

The world's oldest complete and operational locomotive that was built in England, disassembled, and sent to America - now displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Set includes John Bull locomotive and tender, three passenger coaches, skew-wound motor, hardened carbon brushes, UL listed power pack, as well as a 47"x 38" oval E-Z Track ® nickel silver snap-fit track and roadbed system  that assembles in minutes.

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0R09142 0R09142Amtrak's Acela Train Set

Amtrak's Acela Express is the fastest passenger train America has ever seen, and  now you can have one of your own! This superior HO set reaches scale speeds of  150 mph and comes with everything you need. Includes dual locos (one powered),  a first class passenger car, a business class passenger car, and a Café Acela car (addition cars available individually), all with lighted, incredibly detailed interiors.  You also get a 63"x 45" oval nickel silver track, power pack and video with  instructions.






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Railroad Calendars

There's a very good reason to build railroad models and that is when you build a model you learn.  You learn about aircraft components, airplane types, aviation history, reading plans, blueprints, types of glue and gluing techniques, paints, paint brush types, different types of paints, decals and a lot more. 

When you build a model you are building your future.  You are preparing for that technical job of the future.  You are learning about technology and manufacturing just like the engineers who build the high performance aircraft today.  Many of these engineers started out by building models and when you're putting you're model together you can feel the strength it gives you, just like the aviation engineers.  And at the same time you are making the dream of your future come true.

Just look at what happens when you complete a model.  Your model is placed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling, not thrown into a box and treated like one of those junk toys.  Models really are something better than just a toy, they are like a trophy which shows your dedication to work and detail.


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