Taking a look at the whole EM-31 tester on the ice of longyearbyen

NASA EM31 Project, Video Record

North Pole Expedition 2003
Dr. Rhett Herman
Vikki is a NASA photographer recording the efforts of the EM-31 research team.   April 2003
North Pole Expedition 2003
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This exhibit was posted on 5-29-2003


Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

NASA EM-31 On the North Pole Page 5
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Dr Herman is starting the first operational test of the EM31 in Longyearbyen
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek
Vikki is making videos of the entire EM-31 project.  I learned a lot about video work from Vikki.   One thing that I learned was that it takes a lot of time and effort from everyone to get a video right.   She took the same shot over and over making sure that everything was right.  There is one thing that she didn't do, however, and that was to yell, "QUIET ON THE SET."   This would have made her work seem a lot more official. 

Talking about Vikki's work again.   I watched her video process in action.  She worked on what the views were going to be before she went out on the ice.   Once we were out there, she took many clips of the EM-31 in action and repeated these shots many times. After she returned to the hotel, she discussed the work with the other expedition members and developed new ideas to include and improve in her next photo shoot. 

When working on an experiment like this, you never know what is going to happen next, so preplanning is only part of the job.  The other part of the job is to be alert and ready to record the action as it unfolds because a lot of the action shots can never be repeated or preplanned for.

We all need to give Vikki a big hand because she earned her pay and put a lot of extra effort into the job.

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