Adventure travel takes you on a photography expedition tour through Alaska.

Lost? Listen to Ray Mears, Expedition Survival Training here,
Emergency Survival Training in Alaska

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster at the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. Oct 2006
C. Jeff Dyrek, Kenai Peninsula
Are you lost? Listen to this free Expedition Survival Training here for Emergency, Free videos of Ray Mears Surviving Alaska

Click Here's an important lesson is Expedition Survival Training, Emergency Survival Training, and wilderness survival. What one person told me while I was in Alaska, was if you want to be in the wilderness, just go over that mountain and you're there. Expedition Survival Training is something that you need to learn long before you get into the situation where emergency training will need to be used.  When you get in a situation that you have an emergency survival need, a good understanding of these survival videos from Ray Mears will greatly increase your chances of survival in adverse conditions.  I've personally been lost in the woods and had to stay overnight in adverse conditions high in the mountains.  Survival training is absolute necessary for everyone whether you go to the woods or not.  You most get lost when you least expect it.  Just a ten minute walk from your car can leave you stranded.  When you're stranded, you need to get your act together if you are going to make it or not.  The chances can be ten thousand to one against you in a when you least expect it.  Just one of the ten thousand factors, if you know to get out of it, it will make the difference between survival or not in the wilderness.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

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Alaska, Expedition Survival Training.


Ray Mears Alaska Survival Training part 1 of 6

Ray Mears Alaskan Survival Training part 2 of 6


Ray Mears / Alaska Part 3/6


Ray Mears / Alaska Part 4/6


Ray Mears / Alaska Part 5/6


Ray Mears / Alaska Part 6/6

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