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A true story of Animal Survival,
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C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster at the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. Oct 2006

This is a true survivor,  A story about Tommy Cat and how he came into my life after being thought to be dead   


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A good story about my cat, Tommy 

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My Friend "Tommy Cat".

About three years ago my friends cat Tommy was hit by a car.  Tommy was only six months old and the accident didn't do him any good.  His face was busted open so bad that the dad told his kid to take him out back and hit him in the head to put him out of his misery.  The boy couldn't do it, so the mom pushed the flesh back over his face and held it there as long as she could. 
Tommy got better and I always brought something good over there for him to eat.  When I came back from Alaska, I bought him a pack of Alaska smoked salmon.  As soon as he got a bite of it, their dog got a bite too, they both bit me trying to be first to get the next bite, that's how good it was.  Well, Tommy was about eight months old when they moved away and since he ran during the move, they left him there.  That was a long time ago in cat years.
Last Christmas, I was walking to my garage and noticed a cat hanging around my farm fence.  I didn't get a good look at him, but he was there for about a week, keeping his distance.  One day I finally got a good look at him.  He was a big cat, but something told me that he was Tommy.  So, I yelled, "Tommy, Tommy."  He came running right up to me and right next to my feet.  When I went into my office, he followed me and jumped in my lap.  He then put his paws around my neck and hugged me very closely, then licked me four times on the chin, then started crying and crying. 
How did Tommy find my house?  They lived thirteen miles north of me and he had never been here before.  It turns out that Tommy wandered for two and a half years before he found me.  Once he was here, he knew he was with friends and that he had a home.  He had a bad cough and was pretty thin, but not totally starved.  I know it's Tommy because he still drools out of the right side of his mouth and when I looked closer, I could see the damage that he had from his injuries. 
Tommy is the smartest cat that I have ever seen, he is extremely polite and follows me everywhere, even with long walks in the woods.  He looks just like a big Puma and I tell him so.  Tommy is my new best friend.
Now, Isn't that a good story.  It's absolutely true.  How did this cat find my house and why me.

 And Now, another four years have gone by, and Tommy is still with me.  He's a great cat and is very well behaved.  He gets along with my dogs and doesn't take any stuff from the dog the trys to get rough with him.  So Tommy is still here and he's one of my best friends.  He's a really good cat.

This is Tommy Cat crossing the creek, Queenie is following.
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