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Take one of these North Pole Cruise Travels on a real Ice Breaker Ship.
If you enjoy ocean cruise travel vacations and want a really unique and fantastic cruise try an Arctic or North Pole Ice Breaker Ship Cruise.  Visit Arctic islands, see seals and polar bears, cruise travel vacations on an Ice Breaker is both a vacation and an adventure.
The most luxurious way to go to the North Pole nowadays, is by an Ice Breaker ship cruise travel tour.  This is a Cruise Travel Vacation where you live in a warm stateroom, get to visit arctic islands and go to the Real North Pole.  One of the Ice Breaker Ship Cruise Travel Tours takes you to Franz Joseph Land about seven hundred miles north of the north coast of Russia.  These arctic islands are not only unique, they are very beautiful.  Visiting these islands using an Ice Breaker Ship gives you the advantages of being in the Arctic and having the comforts of home.  The Cruise Travel Ships that we use are the Yamal новый спутник and the Kapitan Dranitsyn Ice Breakers.

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Please note:  The background picture is an actual picture of the Ice on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek.


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The 2 Most Powerful Icebreakers in the WORLD

North Pole aboard the Russian Ice Breaker YAMAL 

Cruise travel, Ice Breaker Ship, the YamalIt is perhaps the most amazing location on our entire planet. There are no four corners of the World there: the South is all around you and any wind is southern. Over this “Top of the World” stars never rise or set together with the Earth’s rotation. The Polar Star, the beacon of all travelers in the Northern Hemisphere, is invariably in its zenith. 

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It is a cruise travel vessel of 23,000 tons displacement and 75,000 h.p. capacity, with a hull thickness of 48 mm, is one of the most powerful and sophisticated ships in the world. Designed as a working ship for plowing Russia's sea routes in the north, the "Yamal" can crash through the thickest and heaviest ice. This remarkable vessel, combining advanced technology and comfortable passenger accommodation, is under the management of the Murmansk Shipping Company.

High quality accommodation
Passengers aboard "Yamal" are lodged in 50 outside cabins (i.e., having windows or portholes) and first class cabins with all conveniences including large portholes, desk, television, etc. Public areas include a large passenger lounge (that can accommodate all passengers at once), restroom, cinema/lecture hall, basketball court, gymnasium, and an indoor swimming pool filled with heated sea water, in addition to a sauna. The captain's bridge (open almost around the clock) and wide, open decks at various levels, provide splendid views from the ship. The "Yamal" also has a good library and a small hospital.

Unique "Zodiac" landing crafts and helicopters
Two onboard helicopters are required for ice navigation and used for reconnaissance flights.

Employees, guides and the crew
Our icebreaker has an experienced staff of 150 persons, including 50 employees and mechanics. As Russia's icebreaker fleet is considered to be the worlds biggest and most up-to-date, Russians are recognized experts in polar research. The expedition is directed by an experienced leader with a staff of specialists chosen for their local knowledge and expertise.

Technical equipment
The "Yamal новый спутник", an icebreaker with a capacity of 75,000 h.p., a thick armor of special sheet steel forming a double hull, and a specific ice ship design, is one of the few surface vessels to ever have reached the North Pole.
The advance of the vessel through the ice is facilitated by a pneumatic bubbling system supplying hot water through jets under the level of the ice, as well as a polymer coating over the hull and the ability to quickly move ballast water. Ice can be broken during both forward and reverse movement. The vessel is set in motion by the rotation of three screw propellers, each having four blades weighing seven tons each.
Two nuclear reactors providing steam for the engine are enclosed in a casing made of 
160 ton steel, high density concrete, and water. Double vacuum water softener produces five tons of fresh water an hour. Our vessel is equipped with the most up-to-date satellite navigation system and communication equipment, including a telephone, telex, fax and e-mail.   yamal новый спутник.



Expedition rates include:

  • Airfares Moscow-Murmansk-Moscow; 
  • Transfers between the airport, ship and airport; 
  • Baggage transfer between the airport and the ship; 
  • Voyage aboard the vessel "Yamal" as indicated in the itinerary; 
  • All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by "Zodiacs" and helicopters (as included in planned group excursions); 
  • Program of lectures by noted naturalists and the service of an experienced guide; 
  • Four meals a day; 
  • Pre-departure materials; 
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program; 
  • Special expedition parka. 
Not included:
  • Passport and visa expenses (if required); 
  • Government arrival and departure taxes (if required); 
  • Meals ashore and supplement for single hotel accommodation (if required); 
  • Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (which is strongly recommended); 
  • Excess baggage charges; telecommunication services; laundry, bar and beverage charges; 
  • Standard tips at the end of the voyage for stewards and other service personal aboard (at your discretion). 

Proposed day by day itinerary for Summer

The tourists should keep in mind that this is a unique expedition to a remote and very little explored part of the globe. Our sample itineraries should therefore be read as a guide only, depending heavily on weather and ice conditions, as well as on other circumstances. Our aspiration is to reach the “Top of the World”, visiting historic sites and learning wildlife on the way to the North Pole.

On the way to the Pole we shall come across walruses’, seals and birds’ rookeries. Polar bears might get curious enough to approach the icebreaker to examine it from a very close distance. Sometimes they rise onto their rear paws, coming very close to boards of the ship, when she is standing… It is Zoo vice versa – when animals are studying humans… 

Remote and difficult to reach, the North Pole has lured generations of explorers on voyages full of adventure and discoveries. It is only at the end of the second millennium that nuclear power has enabled man to reach the top of the world without the dangers faced by earlier voyagers, yet with all the spirit of adventure inherent in their quest. Who knows, maybe at the end of the next millennium earthlings will also easily reach the boundaries of the known universe and return home victorious as ever.

Day 1 - Moscow
We arrive at the international airport in Moscow. Comfortable buses will take you to 4-5 star hotel located in the center of the city where you will be able to rest after the flight.

 Day 2 - Moscow & Murmansk
After excursion, departing from Moscow's airport, our expedition arrives in Murmansk. From the "Murmashi" airport we take comfortable buses and are transferred aboard the icebreaker "Yamal." We sail late in the evening.

Day 3 - Barents Sea
The voyage to the North Pole has been organized to offer passengers a thorough insight into the polar world, and fascinating glimpses of the Arctic. Today we head towards the Franz Josef Land archipelago. En route we have time to rest and explore the "Yamal." In the company of the captain, you will be introduced to the ship and the sophisticated technical equipment in the engine room, as well as to the basic principles of ice navigation and the navigator's job. You will also learn about helicopter operations, and how to use safety equipment and lifeboats.

 Day 4/5 - Archipelago Franz Josef Land
We cross 80° north latitude and penetrate the remote world of ancient pack ice, towering volcanic mountains, icebergs and glaciers. Discovered only in 1873 by an Austrian expedition aboard the "Tegetthoff", most of the archipelago remains largely unexplored. Our onboard helicopters will afford astonishing views of the area's magnificent landscape.

We plan to call at Calm Bay to view Rubini Rock and its numerous nesting seabird colonies, closely approaching the sheer basalt cliff if conditions permit. Close by is a deserted research station and, offshore, enormous fragments of calving glaciers are sometimes seen. We also expect to spot polar bears and walruses, and it is quite surprising that the polar bears often ignore the ship, and even curiously approach it, thus enabling us to take wonderful photos. We also plan to visit Cape Norway where Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen wintered in 1896-1897. 

During the second half of the 19th Century a number of daring expeditions tried to make their way through the ice to the top of the Earth, and many attempts exacted a heavy toll in human life. The two Norwegians survived by hunting walrus and seals for their sustenance. Considered lost, the remains of their hut - one of the symbols and landmarks in the history of Arctic exploration - was discovered by a joint Soviet-Norwegian expedition in 1990.

 Day 6/7 - Towards the Pole
Ever farther behind we leave Franz Josef Land - the last solid land and remains of civilization in this area of the Arctic. Heading due north, the "Yamal" forces its way through thick, multiyear pack, riding up on top of several meters of ice that breaks under the ship's tremendous mass.

Our expedition divides into several groups to board the helicopters and watch the operation of our vessel from above. On the bridge we can observe the work of experienced hydrologists who update maps of ice conditions from satellite data, and are constantly looking for stretches of open water and cracks in the ice. These conditions significantly improve our progress. Finding a solid piece of ice, the ship may stop for us to take a walk on the ice. During these days scientists, travelers, and explorers who have dedicated their lives to this austere world deliver a series of interesting lectures.

 Day 8 - North Pole
Today the expedition expects to reach the geographic North Pole. This time of year the weather is usually mild, with air temperatures of 0 - 1° C (32 - 34° F). As our vessel steadily approaches 90° N, we meet on the bridge of the "Yamal" to celebrate our achievement.

Upon reaching our goal, we disembark onto the ice. Here, at the top of the world, we enjoy the silver and azure landscape and pause to reflect on the early explorers' heroic efforts and sacrifices to reach this point. The crew of the ship prepares for a celebration, including a picnic on the ice, and the most daring can take a plunge into the Arctic Ocean. Special communication facilities permit contact with civilization to share our achievement with friends. The celebration is in progress.

 Day 10 - Course due South
Our icebreaker moves on, smashing through high ice hummocks and pack ice. Our precise southern heading depends on local conditions. We make ice reconnaissance flights and flightseeing excursions. We may see solid white Ivory gulls, and realize that soon we may view a dark strip of land on the horizon ... On our way back, if the weather and ice conditions permit, we intend to visit some extra places on Franz Josef Land or Novaya Zemlya.

 Day 11-13 - Barents Sea. On the way to Murmansk
On the way to Murmansk we recall the exciting experience of our wonderful voyage, full of discoveries and adventures. We belong to a select group of people who have conquered this icy realm, the Arctic. We return home with heightened ecological awareness and renewed commitment to one of the last wild places on earth, our minds stocked with valuable experience and knowledge. The same day we fly to Moscow and comfortable buses will take us to 4-5* hotel in the center of the city.

 Day 14- Moscow
Today after breakfast at our hotel the buses will take us to the international airport for the flight home.

Please note: read this itinerary as a guide only; our exact route and program varies according to weather and ice conditions and the wildlife we encounter.


Expedition Program for 2002


We are used to apprehending our Planet from the Equator side. Even the Primary School pupil, looking at the map of the World, will recognize the silhouettes of the New World, Good-old Europe, and, of course, Russia… Some time ago this country used to occupy 1/6 of the total of dry land… 

Imagine that we are looking at the Earth from the height of the Polar Star: almost half of all the coastline of the Arctic Ocean belongs to Russia. This coastline itself is thousands and thousands of kilometers of untouched primeval beauty. The Nature does not bare emptiness. As soon as attempts to settle down this Terra Incognita have been given up, the magnificent Arctic Wildlife has come returned to the area. 

Besides, the Nature in the Arctic always preserves historical places as well as pieces of Ethnic Culture Heritage. But, the sole notion of the Arctic wonders makes it possible to draw only a shade of real greatness and magnetic attractiveness of the Far North.

You may become a member of a unique adventure, which is a combination of the Expedition toward the very center of the Icy Realm, the North Pole, and of the amazing Journey along beautiful and dramatic Russian Arctic coastline.

So…, for the first time in history of the Arctic Expeditions; and aboard one of the most powerful icebreakers in the World.

The Great Trans-arctic Bridge


• Port of Murmansk

• Franz Josef Land:

1. Nordbrook Island: Cape Flora
2. Rubini Rock
3. Champa Island
4. Stolichki Island
5. Appolonov Island 

• The North Pole

• Severnaya Zemlya:

1. Komsomolets Island (the Northern Extremity): Cape Arctic (Polyarny Glacier)
2. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Island: Matusevitch Fjord (Rusanov Glacier). Marat Fjord (Karpinsky Glacier)
3. Bolshevik Island: (Cape Baranov – Mikoyan Gulf)

• Taimyr Peninsula (Mod Bay)

• River Lena Delta (depending on weather conditions) – bird watch

• Belkovsky Island (walruses). It is possible, that we shall visit Islands of Velkitsky and Bennet

• Wrangel Island (the Southern Extremity)

• Port of Pevek






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Another Great Tour

 Frans-Josef Land Odyssey of Islands on the Ice Breaker  Kapitan Dranitsyn

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We are proud to announce the addition of  this adventure expedition. This is one of the most outstanding values in travel today.

Come with  us to the archipelago of Franz-Josef Land located to the north of Spitsbergen, Norway and consists of 191 islands, 83% of them covered with permanent ice. The southern coast of the archipelago is within 700 nautical miles from the start of the voyage. 



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