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on the North Pole.

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Please note:  The background picture is an actual picture of the Ice on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek.

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If you love adventure hot air balloon rides.  The North Pole Hot Air Balloon Rides listed here are way ahead of any other adventure you will ever have.  Hot Air Balloons work very well in the dense air on the pole.  There is nothing so fantastic as a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the North Pole. This is the greatest action adventure that you will ever take, flying over the top of the world on the North Pole.
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2001 North Pole Picture Gallery.

Curtis Lieber's South Pole Action Adventure.

No two expeditions are truly the same, this is just a sample itinerary.

THE  "NORTH POLE BALLOON RALLY"Hot Air Balloon flying over the North Pole.



     What is the Greatest Action Adventure of your Ballooning Career? Are you "Up" to the challenge of flying over the North Pole? This may be your only opportunity.

Every April,  you are invited to enter your Balloon Team in one of the most unique Rallies on Earth. Fly over the top of the Earth's Last Frontier in your hot air balloon ....

Meet in Longyearbyen, Norway. Then board the Russian aircraft to  the North Pole ice base camp. Let us arrange your balloon and team from Longyearbyen, Norway to the North Pole and back. We'll place you several kilometers upwind from the Geographic North Pole the entire Rally will fly over the North Pole to capture the greatest "Brass Ring".  Everyone will receive Certificates of Passage over the North Pole.

Filling a Hot Air Balloon on the North Pole.Aerial view of a hot air balloon on the North Pole.
hot air balloon raises above the ice.

In 1997 the American Balloon Team "The Wild Bunch" became the first Americans to fly over the North Pole. They flew it again in 1998. And now it's your turn, but this time all the pitfalls and logistics of these two past North Pole Expeditions have been through are perfected and the North Pole is ready for the "North Pole Balloon Rally".........And you.........

Hot Air Balloon team in their basket.Don't let anybody kid you. Fly the North Pole and you've done it all!! No one will ever be able to "TOP" that!!

 Our cargo plane will take your basket and envelope safely to the North Pole Base Camp, where you will fly by Russian  Helicopter to the upwind position to launch our balloons to  assault the Geographic North Pole. The helicopters will then  fly chase and retrieve you and take you back to the Exact  Geographic North Pole for the Rallies Celebration. "Circle the  World" the dance around the Meridians, and return to the  warmth of the Polar encampment.  This unprecedented event will explode promotional notoriety for your sponsors, in a way that can be capitalized upon for years.

A hot air balloom prepares for takeoff.A hot air balloon lands on the ice.


A little bit of history about the 1st attempt to fly a balloon over the North Pole.



Story of the first hot air balloon flight to the north pole. Results of the first hot air balloon to attempt the flight to the North Pole.   

Picture of the flight of the Eagle on the ice.  


The "Second North Pole Balloon Rally" is all green lights. .  Our next North Pole Expedition will conduct its operations under the provisions set forth in the prior years of 1994 through 2000 with our agents in Russia and other countries. Under our agreement they will provide the air support in the form of jet aircraft and helicopters to and from the North Pole. Furthermore they will continue to provide the logistical support and supply the expedition with the communications systems, food, tents, heaters, fuel, bull dozier and equipment to maintain the "Blue Ice Runway" at the North Pole base camp. They will also provide expert expedition personnel (pilots, mechanics, Arctic guides, Blue Ice runway specialists, meteorologists...etc.). This is exactly the way it has been organized for the past 6 years and we have not had one problem.  "THE NORTH POLE Hot Air BALLOON RALLY IS UNDER WAY" !!      We have 5 BALLOON SLOTS still open for any TEAMS that have not registered and sent in their deposits. You can use your own gear, but our parka/pants/boots system will keep you toasty in the coldest of weather. It is important to keep your feet warm and these boots are the best. Also I would like to let you know that any balloon pilot wishing to take his balloon to the North Pole and reduce the cost incurred by the additional team members...I have great news!! This expedition is full of additional people that have balloon skills and can help you launch your balloon for you. Usually you don't need inflation fans at the North Pole because the prevailing wind will self inflate your balloon. And anyway, there will be persons standing by each balloon to assist in any tasks you need. Remember, that you will be taken to the North Pole base camp by jet plane and then by helicopter to the North Pole (a few miles upwind by the pilots of the base camp helicopter). Your balloons will be launched and fly over the EXACT GEOGRAPHIC NORTH POLE....  the Exact... GPS=90* Latitude- North Pole   then the helicopters will come to you as chase vehicles and retrieve you when you land several miles past the North Pole.  You will make the record books as the first Balloon Rally to fly the North Pole !! 
The Expedition will include a Ski Expedition that will "Ski the Last Degree to the Pole". Anyone that wants to do the parachute jump over the Pole, let me know (the jump is from the Helicopter As has been done for the past 4 years, anyone wishing to jump over the pole can do so. You do have to have experience, this is not the place to learn.  


 "Let this be the Greatest Adventure of all Mankind"

And you can call us anytime toll-free in the US at:




Best Regards

Curtis Lieber
North Pole Expedition Director
Global Expedition Adventures, LLC
"North Pole Balloon Rally" April, 2005



IT'S YOUR CHALLENGE......ARE YOU READY FOR IT?the burners are throwing fire over the North Pole marker.

Get your sponsors and get your Balloon Team ready for the Hot Air Balloon Rally of the Century !! It's at the "TOP OF THE WORLD"......Don't Miss Out....Join Today.

Send us your email address below for our video of the 1997 and 1998 Balloon Flights over the North Pole and a detailed profile of the Expedition to and from the North Pole.

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