Rubber band Powered Flying Model Airplanes.  RC and Flying Model Hobby Shop 

Rubber Band Powered Flying Model Airplanes.

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   Rubber band Powered Airplanes.

Rubber Band Powered Flying Model Airplanes.  RC and Flying Model Hobby Shop.

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Rubber band Powered
Wood Model Kits.



Gee Bee R-1 Balsa Kit

The Gee Bee Super Sportster won the 1932 Thompson Trophy race at an average speed of 253 mph and dazzled onlookers with its radical design - maximum power matched to a minimum airframe. Build your own with this scale kit featuring all laser-cut parts and high quality balsa wood; it is suitable for rubber-powered, electric or radio controlled flight. Model has a 25" wingspan and 33" length; assembly required.


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