French Models, French Military Tanks,  modern Army tanks to the World War 2 sherman tank. 

French Model Tanks, Military Tanks, Army Tank Models.

French Model Tanks
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French Models, Military Tanks, Army Tanks Plastic Models and Model Kits.

This page contains many types of French models, military tanks, army tanks, and military vehicles.  Plastic models, model kits of French Army Tanks.

Plastic Models, of all kinds, are the most educational toys for kids. 

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French Military Models
Battle Tanks

French Military Plastic Model Kits.

M10 "Duckbill" Tank Destroyer 1/72 Die Cast Model

M10 "Duckbill" Tank Destroyer 1/72 Die Cast Model

"Corsair II," 612th TDB, 1st Armored Div., France, 1944

French 39 (H) Tank w/37mm


Trumpeter 1/35 French Militrary 39(H) Army Tank with 37mm SA38 L/33 Gun - 352.
Trumpeter Plastic Model Kit.
Product Description
The last version of the H-38/35 series, with a longer barreled 37mm cannon and heavier armor. It also has a radio, unlike it's earlier  predecessors. Plastic cement and paint are required for assembly, and are sold separately.
1/35 French 38 (H) Tank w/37mm"
Trumpeter 1/35 French Military 38/39(H) Army Tank with 37mm SA18 L/21 Gun -  351
1:35 Scale Trumpeter Plastic Model Kit.
Product Description
Hotchkiss H38 is a light tank for France soldier's troops. H38 is from the H35 tank development, using a differentiation to improve the engine. Plastic cement and paint are required for assembly, and are sold separately. 


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