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The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from IE Shima Island North West of Okinawa

Take a look at the trees.
 If you notice, there are no undamaged trees
after the battle of Ie Shima.


Picture after the battle of Ie Shima in World War II
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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The battle to take the island was fierce.  The island was hit by many shells, both from
battle ships and aircraft.  Even after that the Japanese soldiers had to be taken
by a force of armed US Soldiers.  This same scenario happened on many of the islands
in the Pacific Theater.  It was described to me that when the Marines came ashore,
they found their friends shredded among the brush and even body parts hanging
from the trees.  These men fought for us, all of us and our freedoms. 

Today we are seeing organizations like the ACLU fighting to take our liberties of
freedom of religion away.  They want the crosses all taken off of the tombs and
grave sites of these courageous men removed, thereby removing the memory
of their great works.  At the same time our freedom of seeing a clean media
is being taken away, step by step, they are taking America away from us
and all that these men and our veterans have fought for.  The ACLU is
killing America from within, and we think that it's our freedom of speech.

Look at the celebrities of today, they are called stars.  But, were are all taught
to look up to stars, they are the idols and mentors of our future.  But take a good look
at today's stars.  Look at them on the internet.  They are foul mouth, filthy, no-good
porn stars.  Our TV's are filled with Viagra commercials or cartoons that are so
filthy that if you quoted a cartoon to your neighbors little girl, you would be
beaten then put into jail.  It's true!  Take a look at TV tonight!  Take a look
at the Saturday morning cartoons and you will know that I'm telling you the truth.

What did these men fight and die for, not for the direction that our country is heading
right now.  They fought and gave their lives for a better future for all generations
and a better country.  Click here to read this article about Dangerous Cartoons and you will see
the truth.
Click here to read what the History Channel is doing behind your back.

Every time that I look at an old movie and see the fear and terror that our soldiers
had to endure for our sake, I start crying.  I'm a disabled vet myself and I know that
every time I visit the VA Hospital, I see men and women who have put their lives on
the line, but for what?  So our top teen idols can be porn stars stating that that's
their freedom of speech while we cannot have a cross over a soldiers grave.
I'm very sorry that I had to be so blunt, but it's a cruel world and our kids and country
are going to pay the in a way that our soldiers never intended.
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

Veterans,  Read This 
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The 34th Fighter Squadron Exhibit is designed to honor the pilots and squadron personnel for their heroic action in World War II.  WW2 was a tough war which we were very close to losing. The men in these pages deserve to have their names and their aircraft placed into the new cyber history book at Yellow Airplane.  This exhibit shows the aviation squadron located on IE Shima island south of Japan very close to Okinawa.  This Japanese island chain created the stepping stones to the defeat of the Japanese in World War 2.  As the war progressed, the allied forces built many seaports, airports, small airstrips and supply depots along this Japanese island chain.  The 34th fighter Squadron on Ie Shima and its aircraft, the P-47 Thunderbolt is one of these bases.
Airplanes create dreams.  Dreams of leaving the restriction of a two dimensional world.  Dreams of having freedom to travel anywhere, in any direction at any time and any distance. Aircraft give us the big advantage to do all of these things in only a short while.  When we dream of airplanes, we lift our heads to the sky.  We feel the pride of having limitless capabilities.  We don't pick up airplanes, airplanes lift us up and our minds are launched into new horizons.  We need airplanes and we need to keep airplanes in all of our minds.  Aviation gives our people an upward mobility that no other branch of technology can ever do.  As long as we feed our dreams, we have someplace to go.
C. Jeff Dyrek
Why is it important to look at airplanes?  Airplanes, especially planes like the P-47 thunderbolt show the rapid growth of technology in the world and in the United States that provided us with the great freedom that we enjoy today.  With this freedom comes responsibility.  The responsibility to learn all we can not only about airplanes or history, but about technology.  Technology is the most important product of the United States has today.  To keep our country on top of the worlds technology requires us to have the most trained workforce anywhere.  Aviation is important because aviation and aerospace both exhibit the limits of our technology. If our students learn about aviation they will be able to understand any field of work.  We must ensure that aviation, airplanes, aircraft and aerospace are words on all of our children's lips.  Click here to see what YellowAirplane is doing for our kids.     Click Here to see what our TV is doing for our kids.


Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

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