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The USS Kitty Hawk in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Photos and Story of the
USS Kitty Hawk by MM2 Howard Freeman

This is what the USS Kitty Hawk looked like in 1965
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The USS Kitty Hawk, CV63

1965 - 1966
In the Gulf of Tonkin

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A beatuiful Photo of the USS Kitty Hawk At Sea

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 Photo from Howard Freeman
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

The ships catapults, like the ship, are steam powered

Click Here's the USS Kitty Hawk and its aircraft in 1965 - 1966 in the Gulf of Tonkin

The aircraft types include,

A-1 Skyraider This is a propeller driven aircraft using a radial, piston driven engine
A-3 Skywarrior More commonly called the Whale is used for electronics counter measures, Jamming
A-4 Skyhawk  A highly maneuverable jet attack aircraft, used to carry bombs to the enemy
A-5 Vigilante   A high-speed aircraft usually used as a reconnaissance airplane
A-6  Intruder   An all weather attack aircraft many times used as a tanker
E-2  Hawkeye Provides extended radar view using a big saucer shaped antenna mounted to its top
F-4  Phantom   A very successful, high speed, interceptor / jet fighter

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