34th Fighter Squadron, with P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, in 1944 Ie Shima one of the Japanese islands of World War 2

 The 34th Fighter Squadron
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A Japanese Crew Member standing on the wing of a Betty Bomber on Ie Shima Okinawa WW2



A Japanese Crew Member standing on the wing of a Betty Bomber on Ie Shima Okinawa WW2
Photo by Jim Walker

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Hi Jeff:
I joined the US Navy right after I became 17years old. Signed up in Portland Oregon. Did my boots at Farragut Idaho and was sent to the University of Wisconsin for Radioman training. Was sent to Littlecreek Va. for Amphibious training and was placed on the LST 1019. Went to the Med. Sea directly to Naples. Was in a landing near Anzio and saw my first deaths on that beach. We were sent to Southern France and was in the Invasion there. Should have been killed there but by God's intervention (I believe) we got off the beach and was replaced at the same spot by the LST 282 that was completely destroyed by a flying rocket bomb. We went to Africa and picked up some Sengalese troops and delivered them to France. They were scary guys. Big knives and they loved to use them on the Krauts. They took ears off the corpses for payment.


We also went into Pisa Italy on a small landing. After some other stuff we would up in Palermo Sicily. I still communicate with a Sicilian guy who became a very good friend. His name is Umberto Aronica. Now is a retired Restaurateur in Goteborg Sweden.


Went from there to the USA. Got 30 days leave and was sent to the South Pacific. Guam, Saipan, Eniwetok, Okinawa and then IeShima. Did some time carrying Chinese up to Manchuria to fight the Communists. Was sent home on an APA that had Smallpox on board so we were guaranteed at Treasure Island for a while before we came ashore. Was mustered out at the Naval Base near Seattle May 6, 1946. I was just 21 that year. I've got a million sea stories and if  you are interested, I'll cover some of them later. I should have been killed that day because I later learned there we 10,000 Japs loose out in those boonies. I had a very busy Angel watching over me. Lots of close calls but never got a scratch.
Been along time since I thought about this stuff.
Good luck,  Jim Walker


Dear Jim,
Thank you very much for your letter. 
I have friends that I keep in contact with all over the world, some of them were young men and women who were in Japan during the war.  They were both too young to be in the war, but the war didn't care how young they were.  The lady told me that everyone in their town were talking and saying why are they in a war.  They didn't hate the Americans and they didn't hate the Chinese, they just wanted to live in peace.  It was the ego maniacs and power hungry no goods that started the war, not the people.
I keep hearing about how the Japanese wanted us to apologize for dropping the bomb on them.  By dropping the bomb, we saved a million American lives and ten million Japanese lives.  I look at it like this, if you don't want to get bombed, don't start a war.  They started it and we finished it and Japan is way ahead because of it. 
I once read a political joke where a foreign country was having terrible economic problems.  Their President said that they wanted to start a war with the U.S. so that they can lose and the U.S. would completely rebuild their country.
When I lived in the Philippines my girlfriends mother told me stories of the Japanese occupation.  She was about ten years old at the time.  She said once the Japanese took over, they were extremely cruel.  They would rape the women, they would use pinchers to cut off their nipples, if a little kid cried, it was a game for the Japanese to throw the kid as high as they could and then stab them through with their swords.  My girlfriends mom said that the only hope that the Philippine people had was that General MacArthur said that we shall return. 
My professor at the University told me that this was all propaganda and none of it was true.  He was never in the military and wasn't there during the war, so who really knows the truth, someone that was there who saw these things or someone that did a book study on the war. 
I've been there and I listened to what the people said.  I had Philippine people walk up to me and say thank you for saving our country.  This doesn't happen unless it was true.  And with that thought, Thank you too for saving our country.  If it wasn't for you and people like you, where would we be now.  Thank you again. 
It makes me shudder when I hear about everything that went on during the wars and what is happening even today.  War brings out both the best and the worst in people, but that's what happens when your life is hanging on a thread.   But, I always have to keep it in mind that there are good people and bad people everywhere, and when we are all pushed into a war, even the good people may turn out to look like the bad. 
I do a lot of work with people who are on Meth and are trying to get their lives straight.  The meth dealers should all be shot on conviction.  They are more of a terrorist than Osama or anyone else. 
I also work with the families in Public Housing, look at this link, ../Y-I-Bet/A1-YIBET_Youth_Program_index.html   One day I was looking at the kids watching TV.  They had a bigger interest in the TV than they ever had listening to any teacher.  I was wondering what they were watching so I walked into the room and looked at the TV.  It was Saturday morning and they were watching FOX Kids.  When I looked at the TV the program was just heading into a commercial and the screen went blank.  A voice came on and said, "We need a massive, all girl, sex orgy, we're all turning gay," then the commercial came on.  The program that they were watching was Family Guy on Fox Kids TV.  You would think that a program with a name like this would be family friendly and that you could trust FOX Kids TV to show your kids good, moral, educational things.  But you can't.
When I spoke to the Sheriff about this, recently, and asked him if I would get into trouble for making this statement, he said that I would indeed get into trouble and I could be put into prison for making this statement.   The truth is that you and me both can be put into prison for quoting a kids cartoon.  What about the Viagra ads, if I talked about my erection in front of your little girl, would you be mad and would I get in trouble.  You bet.  But they cant' get into trouble because they and making money and have lots of lawyers who twist the law so that they can confuse our kids and destroy our country.  This is what's happening.
I recently read the lyrics of some of the Rapp songs.  They are filthy, perverted and violent.  Yet our kids are allowed to buy this trash music and listen to it 24/7.  What is going into their heads. 
Read this article.  ../It_means_war/BoysArrestedDrawings.html  These kids are being suspended for drawing a picture of a gun in school.  They call it Zero Tolerance.  A kindergarten kid does not know the difference between right or wrong, yet he is punished for drawing a picture of what he sees on TV on almost every station at any time of the day.  Where is the source of the problem.  Why is it that our politicians even mention this problem.  It's because they get campaign funding from the same sources that are destroying our country.  The problem is that campaign funding, the way we have it set up, enables the bad guys to determine who is running our country. 
Click Here's an article about Roy Carlson from WW2 talking about how our country is being infiltrated from within.  ../413th/413th_PR_PG11-3.html
How about Dangerous Cartoons, read this.  ../It_means_war/Dangerous_Cartoons.html
Just two days ago the TV was talking about the little girls dressing up like sex stars for Halloween, where do they get these ideas.  ../It_means_war/Top100CelebritiesExposed.html
As Veterans we have all taken the oath to fight all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Who is a domestic enemy.  Just read the article links that I have listed above. 
On one of my expeditions to the North Pole through Russia I talked to a man who was former KGB.  When I mentioned about the programs on our TV's he said that the Soviets invested a lot of money into soap operas and divorce court as psychological warfare against the U.S.   We call it Freedom of Speech.  But don't mention those Angels that were watching over you in the war, oh no.  Don't put a cross above the Korean War Vets Memorial.  Oh No.  Even an Army Chaplain cannot pray in the name of Jesus or he will be thrown out of the army, this did recently happen.

Please excuse me for such a long letter, but I don't see our veterans standing up for our country today, instead the TV honors kids that were burned in a fire or people who were killed in a bridge collapse like they were heroes, but only puts on the ticker that ten soldiers were killed today.  I am sorry about those people who were killed in these terrible accidents, but they were not heroes.  Yet our soldiers are treated like dirt and are just listed as a number at the bottom of the screen.  These men and women are the real heroes and should be recognized for their efforts before anyone else, period.  Instead, Columbia University protest against the ROTC, the very people who gave them the liberty to go to school and gave them the freedom to own their fancy cars and houses.  On the other hand, I never see them protest about the filth and violence that is being pushed onto our kids.

All I can say is, keep writing your sea stories and if you have some pictures of yourself or your adventures I will make a whole section on just that alone.
Thank you very much Jim.
Your friend,
Jeff Dyrek.



This exhibit was from a yearbook about a WW2 fighter squadron in the Western Pacific.  There is a possibility that this yearbook is the only copy still in existence.  If you know anyone from this squadron or have any information to add to this exhibit, 
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