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If your kids are listening to any of the music or videos or movies from any of the stars listed below, STOP THEM NOW

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Subject: Moms and Dads, Who do your kids look up to. The top 100 Stars. What are they contributing to your kids minds and our countries future. They call them Celebrities.

What are your kids looking forward to. 
Do you have a daughter who wants to be a model?  Do your kids listen to any modern music?  Do your kids have access to the internet?  Do your kids watch TV?  Who are their role models and where is our country heading for in the future. 

Click Here's a list of the 100 most popular Celebrities.  
I took all of the links off of this page because they are all showing their naked bodies and showing themselves having sex, and non-Oral-Sex according to former President Bill Clinton.  Are you mad about what the Principle and staff at the Boulder High School were teaching your kids?  I'm mad.  But what about the stars, or Celebs as they are called.  They are the role models of your kids and will be running the future of the United States.  I keep hearing about sexual misconduct on the news.  Why is there sexual misconduct?  Could it be that all of the stars are filthy sluts!  I'm a disabled veteran and I care about our country now and its future.
 I took an oath when I joined the US Navy to Fight All Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic.  These stars are Domestic Enemies.  They are teaching your kids that wearing no panties or showing their bare breast or having oral sex is the way to go,  Drugs are the only way to have fun.  Party, Party, Party.  It's the in thing, it's what you need to do if you want to be successful. 

We are taught to look up to the stars. 
Just go out at night and tell me which way you have to look to see the stars, it's up, isn't it.  But why does Hollywood put them on the sidewalk?  It is because we need to look down at the stars, we need to tramp them into the dirt for all of eternity.  Maybe you don't agree with me, but this is my freedom of speech.  But my freedom of speech is not a perverted version of what the Constitution and our Founding Fathers had in mind.  General George Washington used to flog his soldiers for using a filthy mouth, but, now we all curse like a sailor and call it just an expression. 

How would you like it if your little girls and boys were running around in the school and streets naked having oral sex and pulling the pants off of the teachers during class?  Why do we have so many broken families?  Are your kids on drugs?  Do we have shootings in the schools?  YES WE DO and it's all because of the perverted version of the Constitution of the United Fifty States, or should we change it to the United Filthy States so that the world will know the real truth. 

I have a friend named Setsukosan who was in Japan during World War 2.  She said that a man works real hard, all of his life, to make a fortune.  The second generation, ( His kids ), see how hard he worked and maintain that fortune, the third generation always had it easy and they lose the fortune.  This is what is happening in the United States.  We now have the third generation since World War 2 moving into the control of our country, and here's the results.  Just type into Yahoo search engine Britney Spears Nude and you will see what your kids want to become.  Just watch Family Guy or South Park and see what is going through your kids minds.    Look at these three links and tell me that we have a great country.


Social Pollution

Definitions you need to know

We don't have a great country, we have a great mess and we are trying to force our filth on everyone on the planet.  I listen to Bill O'Reilly very often and he talks about all of the filth in our country, but he never mentions the filthy stars or the filthy cartoons on Fox TV.  He would be fired if he told the whole truth.  These stars are making tons of money selling you and your kids the failure of our country.  They are making a mockery of the soldiers fighting for our freedom.  Freedom  of speech comes with Responsibility in speech.  But, today, freedom of speech is only freedom of speech if you use GD or F words.  Look up any of the celebrities listed below and then think real hard where our country is heading.  We are not becoming a better country.  We are not becoming a country that other countries want to look up to.  We are not one nation under God.  We are not honoring the true intent of the Constitution.  We are in fact destroying everything that we have worked so hard to earn.  We are being taken over by the third generation and we will lose everything. 

What do we do about it?  Nothing, because almost all of our professionals are making money from the filth and crime and hate that our TV is spreading.  If we stopped now, how would your daughter get to become famous, talent doesn't count anymore, it's how many times she can show up on the web with no panties or how much of her breast are showing, or how many times she is following the example of Bill Clinton.

I will tell you the Truth.  This is the Truth.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

  Top 100 Most Popular Celebs


Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Jessica Simpson
Pamela Anderson
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Lindsay Lohan
Carmen Electra
Angelina Jolie
Hilary Duff
Christina Aguilera
Mariah Carey
Anna Nicole Smith
Kate Beckinsale
Trish Stratus
Halle Berry
Olsen Twins
Beyonce Knowles
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Keira Knightley
Anne Hathaway
Salma Hayek
Tyra Banks

26.  Anna Kournikova
27.  Madonna
28.  Catherine Bell
29.  Vida Guerra
30.  Ashlee Simpson
31.  Natalie Portman
32.  Lil Kim
33.  Stacy Keibler
34.  Jessica Biel
35.  Denise Richards
36.  Elisha Cuthbert
37.  Demi Moore
38.  Scarlett Johansson
39.  Eva Longoria
40.  Jaime Pressly
41.  Katie Holmes
42.  Jennifer Connelly
43.  Cameron Diaz
44.  Avril Lavigne
45.  Jenny McCarthy
46.  Eva Mendes
47.  Tara Reid
48.  Brooke Burke
49.  Sandra Bullock
50.  Kirsten Dunst

51.  Sarah Michelle Gellar
52.  Shania Twain
53.  Heather Graham
54.  Drew Barrymore
55.  Maria Sharapova
56.  Cindy Crawford
57.  Janet Jackson
58.  Kate Winslet
59.  Monica Bellucci
60.  Elizabeth Hurley
61.  Teri Hatcher
62.  Penelope Cruz
63.  Nicole Richie
64.  Katie
65.  Kelly Monaco
66.  Rihanna
67.  Christina Milian
68.  Shannon Elizabeth
69.  Reese Witherspoon
70.  Katherine Heigl
71.  Charlize Theron
72.  Heidi Klum
73.  Uma Thurman
74.  Victoria Silvstedt
75.  Kristin Kreuk

76.  Krista Allen
77.  Rebecca Romijn
78.  Adriana Lima
79.  Jennifer Garner
80.  Christina Ricci
81.  Gwen Stefani
82.  Rose McGowan
83.  Rachel McAdams
84.  Brittany Murphy
85.  Meg Ryan
86.  Victoria Beckham
87.  Kim Basinger
88.  Mandy Moore
89.  Ashanti
90.  Amy Smart
91.  Nikki Cox
92.  Eliza Dushku
93.  Pink
94.  Jeri Ryan
95.  Naomi Watts
96.  Lucy Liu
97.  Kristanna Loken
98.  Kate Bosworth
99.  Sarah Jessica Parker
100.Tiffani Amber Thiessen

This is the text that was listed on the same page that all of these filthy stars were listed on.

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Paris Hilton DUI, Where is our country heading and what are your kids really looking at?  What are our soldiers fighting really fighting for.

Freedom of Speech, America's Biggest Lie.

What is the History Channel really teaching our citizens, do they have an agenda in the background.  A letter from the Senior Account Executive from the History Channel.


Social Pollution

Definitions you need to know

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Paris Hilton DUI

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What's Happening to our country

guns, gun

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Watch These Movies, What did these men fight for.
Who is really a Hero?



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