The True Story of the Japanese Surrender in WWII

The bomber that brought peace to Japan
escorted by
the 38th Bomb Group (B-25's) from Yontan Air Strip Okinawa.

Surrender was not a single event,
it was a process.
The following pages describes a portion of this process



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Ie Shima in the Ryukyus, became a stepping stone to a world of peace when on  Sunday 19 August 1945, two white clad "Betty" bombers bearing the Japanese Surrender  delegation landed on that American held island. The Japanese envoys were transferred  to an American C-54 transport enroute to Manila, P.I., where they met with representatives of he Allied Supreme Commander, Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, to make plans  for he final capitulation and occupation of Japan.

the betty bomber that brought peace to japan
This is a Japanese, "BETTY," Bomber.
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


There were two Betty's flying on this mission and one of the members of the surrender delegation commented that he could see out of the holes in the Betty's side that were made from American cannon fire.  He was watching and noticed a group of fighter aircraft approaching.  Everyone's hearts were throbbing in fear as the fighters came closer.  Then suddenly there was a sigh of relief, the fighters were the P-38 Lightings and were there for their protection.  


Do you think it was the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, Enola Gay, that brought peace to Japan?  WRONG! 

It was the Japanese "Betty Bomber that brought peace to the Japanese.  These pages tell you the story of how the Japanese Emperor had to fight for peace.  The Betty Bomber was one of the most famous of the Japanese Bombers which fought in the campaign against Shanghi China.  Japan was winning the war and spreading their power throughout Asia and the islands of the Pacific until they bombed Pearl Harbor. Keep reading below.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

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I was a member of the 38th Bomb Group (B-25's) on Yontan Air Strip Okinawa when the peace delegation arrived and to the best of my recollection those Betty's had green crosses painted on them. (A sloppy green paint job if I remember). I have a picture of the Japanese peace party lead by Lt. Gen. Kawabe (vice-Chief of Staff ) leading the 16 member peace party as they are getting ready to board a C-54.
Robert Tierney

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