Action Adventure Toura in Antarctica and the North Pole

North Pole Base Camp 2001. A Russian An-74 is sitting on the Arctic Ice.

This is the American Arctic Expedition team standing on the actual north pole
When you go to the North Pole you will find that it is impossible to put a camp on the actual pole so this is why a base camp is made about sixty miles from the actual pole.  The ice is always shifting, mostly by the direction of the wind.  Here you see a tent and a Russian An-74 Transport plane on the Arctic Ice.

The North Pole base camp is a great place to meet new friends from around the world.

When you visit the north pole you will stay at a base camp like the one shown below.  The base camp isn't actually on the north pole since the polar ice cap covers the arctic ocean and drifts between two and sixteen kilometers each day.  The picture below shows a Russian aircraft, the An-74 which takes the arctic north pole expedition  group from Khatanga and Sredney Island in Northern Siberia to the base camp, (Camp Borneo).  From there, the group fly's to the actual north pole in a Russian Mi-8 helicopter.   Here you drink Champaign with the other members of your expedition and give a toast to the success of your expedition.  This is great!  You actually get to stand on the North Pole of this humungous ball called planet Earth.  However, your trip isn't over yet! read more by going to the next page in this exhibit.

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This is the arctic base camp on the North Pole

"Camp Borneo"

This is the north pole base camp in 1997 just after a white out, "blizzard"
When you take your trip to the north pole, you will stay at a base camp very similar to this one. 

Here is the AN-74, russian cargo plane at the north pole, artic base


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