Action Adventure Toura in Antarctica and the North Pole

Picture of Tents on the North Pole, an Inside View.

This is the American Arctic Expedition team standing on the actual north pole
On the North Pole you will sleep in a tent.  This is the inside picture of one of the tents on the Geographic North Pole. 

This is a good picture of the inside of North Pole Expedition tents.  They keep all expedition members in close contact.

By looking the the picture below you can see what life is like while at home on the north pole.  With two meters of  ice between you and the arctic ocean, you're really on a super big raft, an ice raft called the polar ice cap.  You're waiting for the storm to be over so you can be part of a scientific experiment, or a balloon rally or even skydiving.   But right now you're in a nice warm tent and the temperature outside is only -10 degrees but in the dead of winter it goes to -50 to -90.  You talk to your new friends and share stories about what it is like back home. Can you imagine the excitement and adventure of traveling to the north pole.  The  people on this Global Expeditions trip had a tremendous adventure that they can tell their kids and grand kids about.    Read on to see more!  You can find more about the conditions on the north pole by using the following words tents, arctic tents, arctic, camping in the winter, winter camping, warm tents, special tents, north pole.

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This is the inside of the tent on the artic base camp on the North Pole
This is inside the tent on the north pole.  I can't believe it, it looks like they brought a cooler, it looks like Miller time, except this cooler is used to keep the Miller warm enough to come out of the can.  Just joking!
inside of the tent on top of the arctic ocean on the north pole


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