Action Adventure Toura in Antarctica and the North Pole

Comparison of the North Pole Ice Pack and on the Ice of Jupiters moon Europa.

This is the American Arctic Expedition team standing on the actual north pole
Take a trip to the North Pole, for real
Pressure ridges in the ice of the North Pole as seen from a parachute.  Here's A Photo Comparison of the North Pole Ice And the Ice on Europa, one of Jupiter's Moons.

Are you crazy, skydiving on the North Pole?

If you haven't gone skydiving on the north pole you may be the one that is crazy!  These guys are farther north than anyone on earth.  Just think about it, you go to the only place where there are only two directions, South and Up.  Next you get in an airplane and you go up.  You are now farther north than anyone in the world and have gone farther north than even most of the astronauts.  Now! That's doing something unique!  But you're not done yet.  You now get your courage together and jump, out of a perfectly good airplane, at 9000 feet.  Put that in your Jump Log Book.  The picture below is a great comparison between the Arctic Ice and the ice on one of Jupiter's Moons, Europa.    You can better find this page by using the following search words:   parachutes, parachute, parachuting, north pole, arctic ocean, polar, arctic, adventure.

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Pressure Ridges in the in the Arctic Ice Pack as seen from a Parachute jump above the north pole.  Compare these to the ice photos from the planet Europa, actually a moon around Jupiter.  These pressure ridges on Europa show that there is a liquid ocean below.  One proposed NASA Exploration to Europa is to land on the ice, melt through it, then see exactly what is in the oceans below.  On Earth we have live in the most hostile environments all the way from extremely hot springs of Yellowstone National Park to the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean in the Marianas trench, about 37,000 feet below the surface with pressures so great it's impossible to believe.
parachutes over the ice on the north pole.  you can see these arctic pressure ridges
Click on picture for close up view
the ice cap on the jovian moon, europa, are very similar to the ones on the north pole
This is a photo of the ice cap on the Jovian Moon, Europa. 
Can you see any similarities?
I don't really know why the pressure ridges are yellow, however, it appears that these pressure ridges on Europa are collecting dust from land masses on the moon.

Click on picture for close up view


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More about pressure ridges, as seen on Europa, a moon around Jupiter

The frosty plains of Europa

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron USS Kitty Hawk

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