Action Adventure Toura in Antarctica and the North Pole

Picture of North Pole Pressure Ridges where huge pressures on the Arctic Ice push together so hard that the ice breaks into these pressure ridges.

This is the American Arctic Expedition team standing on the actual north pole
Pressure Ridges are the opposite of leads. A lead is a crack in the ice that leaves open water.  A pressure ridge is where the arctic ice pushes together so hard that there is no other place to go than up. 
Another feature of the north pole ice is pressure ridges.  Pressure ridges are also formed from pressures of the arctic ocean currents and wind currents pressing plates of the polar ice cap together.  These pressure ridges where the ice is pushed up together are the opposite of leads where the ice is pulled apart forming cracks. 

This is what one man said about his trip.  "I've never felt so alive, than to be standing on Top of the World.  My mind was crystal clear and I was so proud to live in this adventure, one that others could only dream of."  Kevin Dellum, Montgomery, Alabama.

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North Pole Pressure Ridges in the in the North pole Arctic Ice Pack as seen from the Arctic Ocean ice surface.  As the ice shifts from wind or arctic ocean currents cracks are formed
Ice pressre ridges
Click on picture for close up view

More about pressure ridges, as seen on Europa, a moon around Jupiter

The frosty plains of Europa


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