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For Action, Enlist in the Air Service
Otho Cushing
18x24 Giclee Print
457693&L13280989&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">   4
457693&L10127128&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Join the Army Air Service
32x44 Giclee Print
457693&L10127128&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12193417&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
WWI, Join the U.S. Army Air Service
18x24 Giclee Print
457693&L12193417&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
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Join the Army Air Service, War Eagle
24x32 Giclee Print
457693&L13241462&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Royal Air Force
12x16 Masterprint
457693&L13241462&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">   14.99
457693&L13246891&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Army Training Biplane PT11C
18x13 Fine Art Print
457693&L13246891&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12377980&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Royal Air Force Biplane Gliding with the Engine Stopped
24x18 Giclee Print
457693&L12377980&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12364864&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Royal Air Force Biplane Climbing as It Takes Off
18x24 Giclee Print
457693&L12364864&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L13278867&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
We Want a Powerful Air Force and Navy
24x32 Giclee Print
457693&L13278867&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">   6
457693&L12183468&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
WWI, U.S. Army Air Corps Recruiting
18x24 Giclee Print
457693&L12183468&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">

See the Willow Run, B-24 Production Exhibit

See the B-24 Exhibit, "One More Mission, A Journey From Childhood to War."




Incredible Offshore Rockets







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  "Willow Run The Eighth Air Force WW2 Movie"



Other B-24 Liberator References
Archival Collections of the 2nd Air Division, 289th Bomb Group, Memorial Library

Click Here for the Willow Run Exhibit, Production of the B-24 Liberator,
by Warren B. Kidder

Veterans here

Here for a list of WW2 Fighter Groups

Listing of Bomb Groups

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
The 34th Fighter SquadronThe 34th fighter Squadron WW2 Exhibit USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

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