Robert Magnus in front of the Chow Hall on the island of Ie Shima 23 Sep 1945

Chowtime on Ie Shima in World War 2, Pictures of the Chow Hall Tent by Lester Magnus.

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Japanese Betty Bomber Exhibit  from Robert Magnus in World War 2
Robert Magnus in front of the Chow Hall on the Island of Ie Shima 9-23-1945 at Tachikawa airfield

Japn Betty Anexo Bombardero de Robert Magnus en 2 Guerra Mundial

 Japanese Airplanes and Betty Bomber Models
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Let me know at the bottom of this page. C. Jeff Dyrek

Contributors to this Betty Bomber Exhibit

Lester Magnus
Betty Bomber on Ieshima in WW2
Picture from Robert Magnus


Lester Magnus.   That was a good meal at this chow hall.  
Dad at chow time on Ie Shima, Sept. 23, 1945
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Aerial Photos,
of the island of Ie Shima.

These photos compare the runways of 1940's Ie Shima to the photos of Ie Shima today.  Ie Shima was the home to the 34th Fighter Squadron in World War 2.

Exhibit Added 3 Feb 2004

Butch...Medal of Honor

Jack Fellows. Protecting the aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2) far below, Lt. Edward "Butch" O'Hare, flying his F4F Wildcat, sets ablaze one of five G4M1 Betty bombers he shot down during the February 20, 1942, skirmish that made him the U.S. Navy's first ace and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II. 24"x 24", limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.




Twelve O'Clock High (1949)
Gregory Peck 

The wartime memories of surviving World War II bomber squadrons were still crystal clear when this acclaimed drama was released in 1949--one of the first postwar films out of Hollywood to treat the war on emotionally complex terms. Framed by a postwar prologue and epilogue and told as a flashback appreciation of wartime valor and teamwork, the film stars Gregory Peck in one of his finest performances as a callous general who assumes command of a bomber squadron based in England. At first, the new commander has little rapport with the 918th Bomber Group, whose loyalties still belong with their previous commander. As they continue to fly dangerous missions over Germany, however, the group and their new leader develop mutual respect and admiration, until the once-alienated commander feels that his men are part of a family--men whose bravery transcends the rigors of rigid discipline and by-the-book leadership. The film's now-classic climax, in which the general waits patiently for his squad to return to base--painfully aware that they may not return at all--is one of the most subtle yet emotionally intense scenes of any World War II drama. With Peck in the lead and Dean Jagger doing Oscar-winning work in a crucial supporting role, this was one of veteran director Henry King's proudest achievements, and it still packs a strong dramatic punch. --Jeff Shannon
Product Description
This gritty World War II action drama staring Gregory Peck, Oscar winner Dean Jagger, Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill and Millard Mitchell is seen as one of the most realistic portrayals of the heroics and perils of war. Convinced an air force commander (Gary

This is a fantastic book, click here to see the whole story
Willow Run B-24 manufacturing plant by Warren B. Kidder

Willow Run

Click Here to look at the Book and
a Free Exhibit

by Warren Benjamin Kidder

The B-24 Liberator was built in a factory called Willow Run in Detroit Michigan.  The factory was built by Henry Ford and designed by Charles Sorensen.  The willow run factory was named willow run because is it was built on the willow run creek.  This is interesting because the last person to live on the willow run property was Warren Benjamin Kidder.  I have spoken to Ben, personally, and he is one of the nicest people that anyone could ever meet.  Ben wrote a book called Willow Run, Colossus of Industry, a book about the production of the b24 liberator, military bomber.  When the factory was in full production it produced a B24 liberator every 56 minutes.  This factory is one of Henry Ford 's greatest achievements.  You can read more about this fantastic, very well written book by clicking here and going to the Willow Run B-24 Liberator Production Exhibit


Click to See this book
Thunderbolt : Republic P-47 
Book Description
Production P-47 Thunderbolts were in the air in early 1943, excelling in bomber escort and ground-attack bombing. P-47s were flown by the air forces of Australia, Brazil, France, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain--more than 12,000 planes in all, more than any other U.S. fighter before or since. The seventh volume in the "Living History" series. 58 color and 47 b&w photos.

Japanese Airplane Models Here


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"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"  BY ROY GRINNELL    A nice painting of a P-38 and a Betty Bomber. 

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