checking out a Jap plane at Tachikawa airfield.  Betty Bomber Display

Historic Photo of Lester Magnus with Jap plane from WW2.

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Japanese Betty Bomber Exhibit
from Robert Magnus

Dad checking out a Jap plane at Tachikawa airfield

 Japanese Airplanes and Betty Bomber Models
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One of Japans most successful bombers
the bomber that ended the war with Japan
the Betty Bomber

If you know any more information about the betty bombers
Let me know at the bottom of this page. C. Jeff Dyrek

Contributors to this Betty Bomber Exhibit

Lester Magnus
Betty Bomber on Ieshima in WW2
Photo from Robert Magnus

Dad checking out a Jap plane at Tachikawa a October, early Nov. 1945. 
Is this a Kamikaze?   Dad inspecting a Jap plane at the airfield at Tachikawa Japan,  just west of Tokyo, about late October, early Nov. 1945. Is this a Kamikaze? 

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Betty Bombers on Ie Shima
This exhibit shows the Japanese Betty Bombers that were the first part of Japan's Surrender to the U.S. in World War 2.

Exhibit Added 15 Feb 2004

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