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50 years of Precision Flight

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the Navy Blue Angels in flight with F-18 Navy Jets


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Nick Veronico

Published 1996 

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    1996 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team, and this book will follow the Blue Angles through the years showing the people, places and aircraft they flew. The authors feature stories from the pilots themselves and a complete listing of  pilots, aircraft and some maneuver diagrams. Illustrations, many in color. 
Book Description
Strap yourself in for a high altitude, history-making adventure! Follow along as Veronico and Fritze reveal the entire history of the incredible Blue Angels flight demonstration team. An unprecedented look at the people, the places, and the aircraft of the Navy's incomparable Blue Angels flight demonstration team.



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Navy Blue Angels 50 years of flight

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The book on this page covers the flight of the Navy 's Blue Angels from their first Blue Angels propeller aircraft to the modern F-18 Hornets, Navy Jets that the Blue Angels fly today.  You to can see the Blue Angels in action just by going to an Air Show


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