A Storm Can do more damage than an Enemy, A crashed Stinson L-5 Airplane in India, WW2

John Spiegel in WW2
Stension Taylorcraft L-5 Airplane
A Storm can create more damage than the Enemy.  This damaged L-5 Stinson is evident of that.  WW2 in India

A Not So Beautiful Stinson L-5 Airplane



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This storm in india really damaged this L-5 Stinson airplane in India WW2

Photo from  Mary Spiegel

 This plane has been severely damaged in the storm.  It looks likes it's been riddled with bullet holes.  After seeing what some of these mechanics have done, this plane may have flown again.  John Spiegel is one of these supermen who is currently working on a Piper Cub J-3 which had more airframe damage than this one.  The airframe is together, no covering yet, but it's getting close. 

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Katherine Stinson
Hardbound Book

The Flying Schoolgirl. Winegarten. Flying was a dangerous pursuit in 1912, killing  many would-be pilots. But Katherine Stinson was determined to fly. Because she  was a woman, she constantly had to prove herself. Defying expectations, she  quickly became a pioneer of the skies. This long-overdue book features stunning photographs of Stinson, who racked up many "firsts"-first precision flyer, first to do preflight inspections, and first to fly solo at night. She also invented night skywriting, amazed audiences in Japan and China, and, with her family, established a flight school and assembled and sold high-quality aircraft. Ages 9  and up. 115 pgs., 30 B&W photos, 10¼"x 7¼", hdbd.

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Frank Loudin. The Stinson Reliant, introduced in 1933, was a masterpiece of   classic styling with its distinctive gull-wings and molded engine cowling. But it  wasn't just pretty to look at. It was an efficient worker as well. All American  Aviation of Morgantown, West Virginia, with a modest fleet of SR-10s,  revolutionized airmail service with its ingenious in-flight pick-up and drop system. At a stunning 120 mph, with remarkable precision and apparent ease,  the pilot maneuvered his Stinson over the field, snatching up a 100-pound sack  of mail from the marked spot. What a show each day at mail-time for an amazed  and admiring audience of locals! Print measures 20"x 15" with included matte.

Balsa Wood Model Kit

Build your own replica of this classic beauty used for airmail as well as recreation. 1/28 scale kit of balsa wood and tissue paper has an 18" wingspan when completed. For display or rubber-powered flight; assembly required.
The Reliant SR-10 was originally produced as a 4-5 seat commercial monoplane and  was used widely in the U.S. by sportsmen and business executives. The military  version of this aircraft, the AT-19, served with the USAAF and U.S. Navy. Although commercial production ceased on America's entry into World War II, 500 Reliants were built during 1942-1943 in a modified and more powerful form for assignment to  the British government as a navigation and communications aircraft for use by the Royal Navy stand.

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Faithful Ole Stinson L-5  
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