P-51 Mustangs on the flightline in India in WW2.

John Spiegel in WW2
P-51 Mustangs in India
 These P-51 Mustangs were the replacement for the P-40 Warhawks in Eastern India during WW2.

P-51's on the Flightline in Eastern India in World War 2.

Photo by John Spiegel

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P-51 Mustangs line up for takeoff in eastern india WW2
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Photo from  Mary Spiegel

 The P-51 mustang is probably the most famous of all of the Warbirds.  This airplane was manufactured by North American Aviation during WW2.  The plane took only 90 days to design and became the worlds fastest propeller airplane, ever, setting all of the low altitude speed records for piston engine propeller driven airplanes even today.  There are many of these airplanes still flying today at air shows everywhere.  This plane is also a favorite at the Reno Air Races at Stead Field just north of Reno Nevada.  Many Warbirds race at Reno every September.  The P-51 is 32' 3" long, 13' 8" high, and a wingspan of 37'.  The mustang weighs 7000 lbs empty and has a max weight of 12100 lbs.  It used two different types of engines, the Allison and the Rolls Royce Merlin which produced 1650 lbs.  The racing planes, by contrast, pump out over 4500 hp.  The P51 mustang had a max speed of 437 mph and a cruise speed of 275 mph.  The P82 was a twin fuselage version of the P-51, with two engines. The P-82 is also designated the F-82
There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version.

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