Models of WW2 British, German, American Military Model Tanks by Pedro Negron  

Pedro Negron
Pedro Negron shows us his WW2 German, British, and American military model tanks for his dioramas.  These tanks are very well made showing realistic and highly detailed components that make these models look absolutely realistic.

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   Pedro Negron's Own Website, Very Nice  
 How to Make a Basic Diorama Display 
 How to Make a Diorama Bridge 
 How to Add Models to Your Diorama 
 WW2 Military Tanks, American, British, German 

  How to Make a Halloween Costume 


WW2 American M3 Lee Tank Lullubelle
 WW2 American M3 Lee Tank Lullubelle 


1942 American M3 Army Tank Side View
  1942 American M3 Army Tank Side View  


Highly Detailed View of the USA M3 Lee Tank from the Movie Sahara
  Highly Detailed View of the USA M3 Lee Tank from the Movie Sahara


WW2 British M3 Grant Tank
 WW2 British M3 Grant Tank 


Front View of the WW2 British Grant Tank
  Front View of the WW2 British Grant Tank 


Super Detailed View of the British M3 Grant Tank
  Super Detailed View of the British M3 Grant Tank 


WW2 German Tank
  WW2 German Tank 


WW2 German Tiger Tank with Cammo
  WW2 German Tiger Tank with Cammo 

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German Tiger Tank
  German Tiger Tank 


Close-up view of the German Tiger Tank
  Close-up view of the German Tiger Tank 


I don't like to look down this barrel of the German Tiger Tank
 I don't like to look down this barrel of the German Tiger Tank 

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Top View of the WW2 German Tiger Tank
  Top View of the WW2 German Tiger Tank 


Below are pictures of the new tank that Pedro has just built 10-2012.

WW2 Army Tank


WW2 Model Tank being built by Pedro


World War Two Model Tank built by Pedro Negron in Puerto Rico





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Si të Bëni një Ushtarak WW2 Diorama, Militarie Diarama nga Pedro Negron
كيف اصنع صورة WW2 العسكرية ، Militarie Diarama بيدرو نغرون
Как да направите Военни WW2 диорама, Militarie Diarama от Педро Negron
Com fer un militar WW2 Diorama, Militari Diarama per Pedro negrón
如何使军事WW2西洋镜, Militarie Diarama的佩德罗内古龙
如何使軍事WW2西洋鏡, Militarie Diarama的佩德羅內古龍
Kako napraviti Vojne WW2 diorama, Militarie Diarama by Pedro Negron
Jak to u armády WW2 dioráma, Militarie Diarama Pedro Negron
Hvordan man laver en militćrrĺdgiver WW2 Diorama, Militarie Diarama af Pedro Negron
How to Make a Militair WW2 Diorama, Militarie Diarama door Pedro Negron
Kuidas teha sőjaliste WW2 Diorama, Pedro Negron
Paano Gumawa ng Militar WW2 Diorama, sa pamamagitan ng Pedro Negron
Miten saada sotilasneuvonantajan WW2 Diorama, Pedro Negron
Comment faire un militaire WW2 Diorama, par Pedro Negron
Como facer un militar WW2 Diorama, por Pedro Negrón
Wie man einen Militär WW2 Diorama, von Pedro Negrón
Πώς να κάνετε μια Στρατιωτική WW2 Diorama, από Pedro Negron
How To Make צבאי WW2 Diorama, לפי פדרו Negron
कैसे, Pedro Negron द्वारा एक सैन्य WW2 Diorama बनाने के लिए
How to Make a Katonai WW2 dioráma, Pedro Negron
Cara Membuat Militer WW2 diorama, oleh Pedro Negron
Come Fare un militare WW2 Diorama, da Pedro Négron
어떻게, 페드로 Negron하여 군사 WW2 디오라마관 만들기
Kā veikt militāro WW2 diorāma, ar Pedro Negron
Kaip Padaryti karinės WW2 Diorama, pateikė Pedro Negron
Kif Agħmel Militari WW2 Diorama, minn Pedro Negron
Hvordan fĺ en militćr WW2 Diorama, av Pedro Negron
How to Make wojskowych WW2 Diorama, Pedro Negron
Como Fazer um Militar WW2 Diorama, por Pedro Negrón
Cum sa faci o Militar WW2 dioramă, de Pedro Negron
Как сделать Военные WW2 Диорама, Педро Негрон
Како направити Војне УУ2 диорама, по Педро Негрон
Ako to u armády WW2 dioráma, ktoré Pedro Negron
Kako narediti vojaški WW2 Diorama, Pedro Negron
Hur Gör en militär WW2 DIORAMA, frĺn Pedro Negron
Cómo hacer un militar WW2 Diorama, de Pedro Negrón
วิธีการทำภาพสามมิติทหารไทย WW2 โดย Pedro Negron
Nasıl Pedro Negron tarafından Askeri WW2 diyorama Yap
Як зробити Військові WW2 Діорама, Педро Негрон
Lŕm thế nŕo để Tạo một WW2 Diorama Quân đội, của Pedro Negron