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Lt. John Story sends letter, We have a new plane and named it "Powerful Poodle"

Lt. James Edward Alleman, and Lt. John Story receive a new B-17 Flying Fortress and name it "Powerful Poodle".

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A letter from John Story 10-31-1944

Tuesday 12-31-1944

Dear Mama & Daddy,

Hello Mama, I got one of those air mail, I mean r-mail.  This has gone far enough, I'm sending it back so you can add some more to it.

One from Doris written 10/15

We finally got our own plane now and we are going to have "Powerful Poodle" printed on the nose.  It's a good plane and handles good.  We have a good crew chief that looks after it, repairs it & etc.

Doris' birthday today.  Don't have a letter from you and mama saying what you bought her for me.

Saw a picture of Iinkivich in Stars & Stripes today where he is leading in Pro football.  He's a Ga. Boy.

Looking for packages everyday.  Ed got a big fruit cake today.

Lots & Lots of Love,

John Jr.


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