Jerry Speer flying his Pitts Biplane

This is the Story of
Deane Kesterson
Founder of IAC Chapter 61
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Ulitimate Off Shore Speedboats

 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek
Jerry Spear  in his Pitts

 The day of the accident, Scott had just flown the Titch minutes before Deane got to the airport.  The plane was mechanically sound and didn't show any problems.  Deane then flew the plane to the Salem airport and upon landing crashed the Titch killing Deane.   A few days earlier Bobbie took Deane to the doctor due to a severe pain in the left shoulder and arm which was thought to be bursitis.  She believes that Deane had a massive heart attach just before landing which caused the accident.  Deane was forty five and Bobbie was forty seven years old when the accident occurred.

This was very unfortunate because we lost an extremely nice person.   As I said, I never met Deane, but I have grown to know and like him very much and we can all take a lesson from him.  Pursue your dreams and make them come true.  Your actions and accomplishments will make you live forever.   This is how we named IAC Chapter 61, the Deane Kesterson Chapter 61.
C. Jeff Dyrek

IAC Chapter 61

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