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This is the Story of
Deane Kesterson
Founder of IAC Chapter 61
 Page 9

Experience Zero G's and float weightlessly in space
 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek
The Taylor Titch in the making.
Click Here's the finished product.  This is a beautiful airplane
which is 27 feet wingtip to wingtip

 Although Bobbie mostly flew the Luscombe, she also had a chance to take her turn at the Titch.  No one told her that the Titch had a stall speed of somewhere around ninety miles per hour.  She took the plane up and around the pattern with no problem, but, when she came in for a landing and slowed it down to what she considered a normal landing speed, the plane stalled and dropped onto the runway.   She collapsed the landing gear and damaged the wings.  Her only injury, thank God, was a bruised elbow.  Of course the Titch was repaired and flew again. 

IAC Chapter 61

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