Taylor Titch in a ground taxi test

This is the Story of
Deane Kesterson
Founder of IAC Chapter 61
 Page 8

Strikemasters Over Sydney
 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek
The Taylor Titch in the making.
The Titch #N1SK is wanting to fly.  Deane is running up the motor.

 Sometime in there, the guys decided to revive the old IAC Chapter 16, since that number was now taken the new chapter was called Chapter 61.  This is where the dream came in. One of Deane's dreams was to fly aerobatics in a specially hand built airplane.  Also, in realizing his dream of reviving the old chapter,  he made it possible for many other people to get involved in aerobatics and realize their dreams too.   Since being retired, this also makes my dream of being involved in aviation as a functional part of some organization possible.  This is where being the webmaster for YellowAirplane.com began, first as the chapters web page editor then it's newsletter editor and now having my own web site. .  Yes, because of Deane, one of my dreams has come true also.

One day Deane and Ben decided that it was time to build an airplane.  So that they would have a place to work, they built a garage at Deane's house.  The aircraft they picked was a Taylor Titch designed by John Taylor in England.   This was a beautiful, fifty horsepower Volkswagen, monoplane.  While the Titch was being built, fascinated with the project, many people dropped by to see its construction and progress.  Ben, Scott, and Deane all enjoyed flying it while Bobbie pretty well took over the Luscombe. 

IAC Chapter 61

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