Deane jumps out of his taylor titch

This is the Story of
Deane Kesterson
Founder of IAC Chapter 61
 Page 7

Incredible Adventures-Wings Over Cape Town

This is a beautiful homebuilt airplane
 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

The Taylor Titch homebuilt Kit Plane.

The Titch #N1SK is being readied for engine testing.
This is Deane climbing out onto the wing

Deane Kesterson Jumps out of his Taylor Titch

Bobbie already had a five year old son named Scott, and after their marriage they had two daughters, Sheree and Karla.  Most of the time Deane and Scott would hang out at the airport and then Bobbie and the girls would follow when the housework was finished.  Deane sold the Tri-Pacer and his hydroplane and bought a Luscombe.  Most of his free time was either spent flying or helping someone change an engine or cover a wing.  He and his friend Ben did find time for some go-carting too. 

Deane had many friends with the same interest, airplanes!  They loved to work on them and fly aerobatics too.  Deane, his son Scott, Charlie Wells, Mark Wells and Jerry spear Flew a few small local air shows at New Baden and Salem, Illinois, where the IAC Chapter 61 still holds its annual aerobatic competition. 

IAC Chapter 61

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Deane Kesterson Home
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