Deane Kesterson working on his taylor titch homebuilt airplane kit

This is the Story of
Deane Kesterson
Founder of IAC Chapter 61
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Fly the Legendary MiG-29!
This Taylor Titch fuselage is getting closer to completion
 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

The Taylor Titch in the making.

This Titch is being built with a 50 hp Volkswagen engine
The fuselage is covered with 1.7 oz Dacron
The wings are covered with 2.7 oz Dacron
This project was purchased from Hower Aircraft Supply in Sarasota FL.

The Taylor Titch fuselage is nearing completion of this beautiful homebuilt airplane kit

One day while at the airport she saw a good looking guy, very handsome in her eyes.  Later, while with one of her friends, she saw him again, going into a bar.  She told her friend that she had seen him earlier at the airport and thought that he was so handsome.  Bobbie's friend said, just go in there and meet him.  Bobbie replied that she couldn't do that because it wasn't right.  Bobbie's friend finally talked her into going into the bar and she did.  After entering the bar she looked at Deane and Deane looked back at her and they started talking.  Dean bought her a beer and the rest was history.

Ladies, listen up, it is OK to go after the man you want. He might just be the jewel in the your life.  He was certainly the jewel in Bobbie's.

IAC Chapter 61

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