Close up pictures of a Robinson Helicopter



The Robinson Helicopter In Detail
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Click Here's the engine cooling shroud
Another view of the engine with cooling shroud
Robinson Rotor Head
Robinson Tail Rotor
Perry Rhodes and his Robinson

Click Here for some great adventure pics of Perry Flying his Robinson Helicopter Around the World.

From the Webmaster:  I've ridden in helicopters many times, but every time I took off, I never got to land in one.  They said, "Dyrek, you're out the door,"  This was at 2700 to 5000 feet.  Only one time in the Navy I got to make two landings in a helicopter and that was when the Naval Air Station SAR Team rescued me.  Click Here to read about that event. 

One day Perry made a special effort to get everyone a chance to fly at Rogers Fish Fry.  This was the first time that I rode in the front of a helicopter.  It was much different than any other kind of airplane that I've ever ridden in.  The view was Onmidirectional and completely unobstructed.  The feel was different too.  It was just great and I really thank Perry for giving me such a great ride, it was beautiful.

At Patterson Aircraft Company I worked on Avionics and specialized on the odd aircraft.  The Fish and Games Turbine Modified Beech 18 and the CHP Hughes 500.  It was the oldest H-500 still flying.  They had more radios than you could shake a stick at.  They had the regular aviation radios, Police radios, CHP, Ranger, Fire, and even a CB.  The audio control panel was custom made and getting all of the mic and sidetone audio's all the same was a much bigger job than I ever thought.  I never had a chance to ride in it except when we had to move it about fifty feet and that was it.  You can read about Patterson Aircraft Company Here. 




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