From Poland to Pullman:  One Mans Journey

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By Lorri Timbs
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John's son, Jeffrey, Jacob's grandson, was also interviewed to gain a clearer image of what life in this Pullman ethnic area was like. 

These are pictures of the Pullman factory, the most northern complex, taken in about 1980.  John Stife, the man that we rode with on this day said that we were in great danger driving through this neighborhood and did not want to stop to take these pictures.  In the 50's the small strip of land in front of the factory was partially cultivated with neighborhood gardens, the streets and yards were clean and there was very little trouble.  Jacob and his son Joe Dyrek both worked in the Pullman Railroad Factory as did many other members of the family. 

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pullman railroad car factory on the south side of chicago

Illustration: Fig 6: 

The northern most building of the Pullman factory located at 105th and. Maryland on the south side of Chicago. 

Photo taken Aug. 1980.  Provided by Jeffrey C. Dyrek

John's son, Jeffrey, Jacob's grandson, was also interviewed to gain a clearer image of what life in this Pullman ethnic area was like. 

Jeff's memories are remarkably clear and vivid.  He starts his part of this story by describing his grandpa as,  "A mean, cross, old man, who could speak Russian, Italian, German, and Polish fluently," which probably explains his success in the Pullman area.

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