From Poland to Pullman:  One Man’s Journey

Another Picture of a Pullman factory building

By Lorri Timbs
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Jacob's grandson also remembered that the Pullman apartment where he and his four brothers, mother and father lived was way too tiny for seven people.  (See Fig 5 )  There was no bathtub or hot water. 

If you wanted to take a shower you needed to go to the basement and this shower was shared between three apartments.  If you needed hot water, you just heated it up on the stove, here you could take a sponge bath if you wished.   This is a good look at Chicago history and the Pullman factory on the South Side of Chicago.

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here's the pullman factory building in chicago 's pullman historic district

Illustration: Fig 7: 

Pullman factory building 

located at about 108th St., Midway between the north and south boundaries of the Pullman factory complex. 

Photo taken Aug. 1980 by Jeffrey C. Dyrek

Jacob's grandson also remembered that the apartment where he and his four brothers, mother and father lived was way too tiny for seven people.  (See Fig 5 )  There was no bathtub or hot water.  They had to use a wash bucket for their bathing and laundry.  Gas was the source of heat and light in this tiny three-room home.  The only plumbing consisted of one sink and a toilet. The five children shared one bedroom which was really one half of the kitchen divided off by curtains.  "The house was across the street from the factory grandpa and dad worked in," stated Jeff Dyrek. (Dyrek)  (See Fig 6)  This description is classic when compared to the living conditions of other tenement apartment dwellers in the Chicago area.  The Pullman factory closed in 1958, (netscape: Chicago Landmarks) and the Dyrek's moved from the apartment building within the following year.

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 The Pullman Strike of 1894:
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 By Linda Jacobs Altman
Description: Discusses the people and events involved in the

unsuccessful but influential strike

by railroad workers at the Pullman Company in Chicago in 1894.


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