Siamak Hatami from Iran On top of Iran (Damavand-5671 m) summer 1999, the highest   Famous Iranian People.
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Siamak Hatami
On top of Iran 
Mt. Damavand 5671 m 18,605 feet
Siamak Hatami, the first person from Iran to visit the North Pole.
Explorer/Adventurer from Iran
Famous Iranian People

Siamak Hatami
En la parte superior de Irn
Monte Damavand 5.671 m 18.605 pies

On top of Iran (Mt. Damavand 5671 m) summer 1999, the highest mountain in Iran

Siamak Hatami from Iran.
Siamak Hatami was the first person from Iran to stand on the North Pole.  To see the North Pole Exhibit, Here

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Siamak Hatami has gone to the North Pole, and you can do it too, from any country

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Siamak Hatami on  iop of Iran (damavand-5671 m)    summer 1999
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We drove from Tehran at five a.m. to the Mt. Damavand base camp parking, which was at about 4000 meters in altitude.  We then slept in a tent at the base camp area.  My friend said to open the door of the tent for some fresh air.  I said we are at 4000 meters and there is no air way up here.  

We had about twenty people at this base camp.  The next day we climbed with a total of eight persons, three of us and five people from the Netherlands group.  We climbed very quickly, but the Netherlands group had an advantage because they stayed at the 4000 meter base camp to acclimate for the altitude. 

I ended up climbing one hundred meters behind the group because of the great effort required.   In the morning I suffered from the lack of oxygen.  I sat on a rock and in just two minutes I fell into a dream.  I dreamt that I was by a warm heater and I felt very warm.  One man cam back to me and said, "Wake Up, Wake Up, because of the extreme danger.  I woke up and started for the top again. 

At 5000 meters there was no oxygen and I was very, very tired because I was not acclimated to the high altitude and the fact that I did not do any exercise prior to the climb.  At about this time three people came back my way, they couldn't continue the climb, but I still tried very hard.  I was walking near the cliffs and I was alone and very tired.  I thought, Hay Siamak, I would dive off of the cliff and become free.

I continued in 100 meters from the top and there was sulfur gas shooting out of the rocks. After the sulfur area I started having headaches due to the high altitude and the fact that the oxygen was getting very thin.  I would take one step per minute and breathe very heavily.  The last sixty meters, which was nearly level, took me about one hour to walk. 

All of the people from the Netherlands and all of us from Iran made it to the top.  One of the men from Iran waited for me at the top.  After I finally made it to the top of Mt. Damavand, I stayed only five minutes and ate chocolate.  Then we returned to base camp very quickly. 

Another man and I got lost on the way back.  This was because the other man wanted to take a shortcut and that's when we got lost.  It wasn't very long before I got very ill and had problems with Dysentery very often making the return even more difficult. 

As we continued our descent, many times, we would slip on the loose gravel.  I would slip, fall down, and then, because I was very tired, I would lay there, motionless for ten minutes at a time.  

The others organized a group and came to find me, then we descended.  After getting back to base camp I slept for several hours,  I felt so hot, but I just didn't know why. 

My friend was a professional climber and he said that I must return to the cars, immediately, so my legs didn't stiffen up. 

After I returned to Tehran, I had very stiff and painful muscles for several days and I had many bruises on my ankles..  My friends put me in a sauna for treatment. 



A man Standing  at Camp Borneo, base camp to the North Pole


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