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 Making a successful crossing was going to be made possible by new advances in aircraft engines and aircraft design. Most aeronautical engineers came to realize that a single wing was more efficient than multiple wings. Charles Lindbergh realized these things when he began planning to make his record flight. First he knew the Wright Whirlwind engine with its lightweight, reliability, and fuel economy would be the best choice for an airplane power plant. His first choice for an aircraft was the Bellanca but he was not able to obtain this plane or other planes he pursued. It is almost in desperation that he contacted a small company known as Ryan Airlines. The Spirit of St. Louis was based on the successful M2 Ryan although larger. It is interesting to note that when Ryans engineer Donald Hall and Lindbergh began discussing details of the design, neither were exactly sure how far it was from New York to Paris and went to the library to stretch a string across a globe to measure the distance, 3600 miles.

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Softbound Book

Lindbergh. Subtitled "The Daring Flyer's Remarkable Life Story and His Account of the Transatlantic Flight that Shook the World," here is Charles Lindbergh's telling of his place in history. Learn about his first airplane - a 500 Jenny - and of the daily risks of life as a barnstormer and professional pilot. With characteristic understatement, Lindbergh even recounts his reception in Paris after the historic flight. Celebrate this great aviator with his own story! 320 pgs., B&W photos, 5"x 8", sfbd.
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