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Putting the wings on your Pitts airplane, leveling the planes...

The first step in putting the wings on your Pitts airplane  is to level the planes fuselage

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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

Plane Built By Roger Smith

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The top wing was put on already and attached to the Cabane Strut which is the center strut located just in front of the pilot.  The " I " Struts,  landing wires and flying wires are also put on prior to this leveling procedure but left in a loose condition.     When the aircraft was designed the upper longerons were made to be completely level with the direction of flight.  Now that it's time to get the wings aligned, this upper longeron becomes the main reference to ensure the fuselage is level.  Roger uses a bubble level on this longeron to check this level.  Now you can see why we used the milk crate as a step.   I'm not really happy with this method of leveling the fuselage as you will see why in a later step.  however, because of the small spaces in the cockpit, I really don't know how else to complete this step. 

To get the planes fuselage level, shims were placed under the tail wheel until the fuselage was completely level.




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