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Building the Pitts Wings

Click Here Brent is applying glue to a doubler plate

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Brent Smith is using T88 epoxy to glue the doubler plate to his pitts ribs

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Whenever a hole is drilled in the spar, you need to add a doubler plate to increase the strength of this area.  

Click Here Brent Smith is adding T-88 epoxy to the doubler plate.  Before he places the doubler on the spar he also applies epoxy to the spar surface.  Once the doubler plate is placed on the spar it must be "wiggled" around to ensure the maximum contact area and air removal from between the surfaces.

There's a test that Brent does with every batch of epoxy that he mixes.  He takes two pieces of wood and glues them together then sets them aside.  Once the epoxy is set up he breaks the pieces of wood apart and looks at where the break occurs.  If it breaks at the joint, he knows that this batch of epoxy was not mixed properly or it was bad for some other reason.  If the wood breaks and the epoxy joint is still intact, he knows that his wood joints are good.  If he finds that the glue joint was bad, he must remove all of the pieces of wood that he glued with that batch of epoxy.  This is a big job but it may save your life which makes the process necessary.



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