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Curtis Lieber and the American team standing on the north pole 1997
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From the Webmaster about Adventure travel:  Since 1999 I have been working on North Pole Expeditions.  From that time, I have, personally gone to the North Pole every year since 2002 and have sent people to the North Pole every year since 2001.  A trip to the North Pole is the Greatest Action Adventure Tours  that you can ever imagine.  After looking at all of the huge list of travel search engines, I have found that most of them just run you around with a bunch of .  I am now listing travel search engines that have free registration giving you the best chances in finding a real Adventure Travel Vacation that you want at the lowest .

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Please note:  The background picture is an actual picture of the Ice on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek.


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Skydiving at the North Pole
Adventure Travel, Ski Tours on the North Pole
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Home page for Polar Adventure Exhibits.

2005 North Pole Exhibit.

2003 North Pole Exhibit.

2003 North Pole Picture Gallery.

2002 North Pole Exhibit.

2001 North Pole Exhibit.

2001 North Pole Picture Gallery.

2000 North Pole Exhibit, What is there to do on the North Pole.

Curtis Liebers South Pole Action Adventure.

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These links will help you learn about previous
North Pole and South Pole Action Adventure Tours
Who Really Went to the North Pole
A detailed list of early expeditions and some modern expeditions
2001 North Pole Expedition Through Siberia.
A Great Action Adventure Expedition Tour through Siberia.
2002 North Pole Expedition Through Russia
this is a real nice and large exhibit showing the expedition through Siberia 
2003 North Pole Expedition
This is a real nice exhibit showing the expedition through Norway  --  Under Construction
2005 North Pole Expedition
Lots of Ski Expedition Photos, Dog Sled, Snowmobile Tours and Coal Mine Tours.
A Trip with Curtis Lieber across the South Pole
A fantastic story, written by Curtis Lieber, about his trip across the South Pole
Take an Arctic Cruise on the Kapitan Dranitsyn
Learn what's happening on the Peter Island Expedition to Antarctica.
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Other Action Adventures
Foreign Money Exchange Rates
   I've tested several ticket companies and this was the lowest
Scandinavian Airlines SAS Home page   
or from the U.S. call 800-221-2350  
Please note.  This is the only reliable way to get your flights to Longyearbyen. 
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Yamal on the North Pole Action Adventures, An-74 on the North Pole.




Svalbard Weather

Camera in Longyearbyen 

This Web Cam Camera is located in Longyearbyen and shows the old quay and  Hiorthfjellet.
Longyearbyen right now! (for larger image) Live Web Cam Photos  

North Pole Web Cam
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
North Pole from space
About Latitude and Longitude
Bodo Airplane Museum



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