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Adventures of the Flying Cadets - DVD" 00V7112 00V7112
Adventures of the Flying Cadets - DVD

When flying students are wrongly accused of a series of murders committed by a hooded Nazi agent, they pursue him across air, land and sea, plunging deep into Nazi territory to unmask the villain and exact their vengeance. Released as a 13-part serial in 1943, this wartime extravaganza can now be enjoyed without having to wait a whole week after each episode's cliffhanger! B&W, 4 hours.
Aerial Gunner - DVD" 0"00V8091 00V8091
Aerial Gunner - DVD

Starring Richard Arlen, Chester Morris and Robert Mitchum, this 1943 film follows an aerial gunner who recounts his days training and fighting in the South Pacific, where he and his sergeant - who were competing for the same woman - crash-landed on an island infested with Japanese forces and were forced to work together as they struggled to repair their plane while holding off the enemy. Filmed on location at Harlingen Gunnery School; 1 hr. 19 min.
Air Battles of World War II - DVD" 1"00V7100 00V7100
Air Battles of World War II - DVD
The War File

This program covering the aerial warfare of World War II features dramatic footage of dogfights over England, the F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat versus the Japanese A6M Zero, the 617 Squadron "Dambusters" Operation Chastise bombing raids, B-24s on the Ploesti mission, the battle for the Island of Malta, the air war over the battlefields of the Kursk Salient between Russian and German aces, and more. B&W, Dolby Digital, 1 hour.



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