YIBET on the Youth of America, Kids Training Program

Y-I-BET on the Youth of America,
a completed F-16 Falcon Model Airplane

This is the F-16 plane that Libby built. She liked the bombs on top of the wings.  Even parents learn using the principles in this program and build their own F-16 Models

On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training
Teaching Our Kids by Exposing Them to the Right Stuff.


Prep for visiting
183rd Fighter Squadron flying the F-16 Falcon Jet Fighters,

Springfield, IL.
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This is Libbys airplane

This was the very first model that Libby has ever built.  She had a ball this past two weeks learning about airplanes for the first time.  She is ten years old and wants to be an Air Force pilot.  Now, in the last two weeks her airplane experience went from just dreaming about airplanes to, for the first time, seeing an airplane up close, learning about the four forces of flight and the components of an airplane, taking her first airplane ride, actually flying an airplane herself, building an airplane model, and visiting a real Air Force base.  Whew!  What a mouthful. 

Libby is part time living with an older sister who is also learning about airplanes.  Libby lives in the housing project and without a program which is for the advancement kids, she has very little chance of actualizing her dreams or becoming anything more than a pregnant teenager with little hope of anything more.



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F-16 Falcon Model Airplanes



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F-16 Falcon Model Airplanes


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