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This is the A-7 Corsair II which is mounted to a wall at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

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 After a little cutting and pasting on the computer, well, this is what you get.
First an A-7 Corsair hanging on the wall at the Museum of Science and Industry,
then with the computer, it's easily put into the air.

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 Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

This A-7 Corsair II is located in the Museum of Science and Industry on Chicago's south side.  The museum has a beautiful Navy weapons display and a couple of simulator rides showing a carrier takeoff and battle zone weapons delivery. You better hold on though, these simulators are hydraulically controlled and they roll very quickly from left to right and even upside down.

The man who brought this airplane to this museum also brought a couple of Navy jet fighters to the Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington, Illinois, one plane of which I have personally worked on while I was stationed with VA-125 the Dambusters in Lemoore California.

I took this photo in the museum, then using my computer, I cut the airplane out and placed it into a background with the clouds, just playing around.  

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
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