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Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled Airplanes.

Click Here is an All new collection of Radio Controlled Electric Motor Flying Model Airplanes.  Airplanes all the way from the Piper Cub to large wingspan 39" P-51 Mustang and FW-190.  Beautifully detailed models that are easy to fly and have no hassle with all of the gas and noise of the gas powered airplanes.  These Radio controlled airplanes are built for the beginner to the advanced RC Pilot.  Look at the detail on this P-51, with a 39" wingspan, this is a fantastically beautiful model airplane.  Look at this section and get the gift that you or your kids can fly right now with no other necessary accessories.



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United States Navy

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United States Marines

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United States Army

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United States Air Force

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I love watching the Fighter Jets at the Air Shows. 

The Fighter Jets that you see on these pages have a lot of Fighter Jet pictures that show what the Jet Fighter model really looks like.  These fighter jet models look just like the pictures.

I live in Western Illinois and I love it when I hear the F-16 Fighter Jets, up there, playing around.  After I bought my new camera, I took only one fighter jet video.  The one thing that was real hard was to keep then in the sights.  When you heard the fighter jet in the East, you would have to look to the West to see the fighter jet.   Enough of that fighter jet video, if you look around the sit you will see a lot of military fighter jet pictures.   There are even places where you can look at Russian fighter jets and, on many pages, you can find out how to take a ride in one of the real Russian Fighter Jets.

This page has links to all kinds of fighter jet kits.  Plastic model kits, wood model kits, mahogany display models and die cast model airplanes.  These models are great for both adults and kids and for the display in your home or office.  Plastic model kits are super fun to build and give your kids pride in ownership. These kits are not toys that the kids just throw in a box, they are displayed with pride on a shelf or display case.  Plus building these plastic model kits or wood kits are very educational for your kids and can help them in the understanding of both aviation and mechanical and technical drawings.  You can't beat building plastic model kits or wood kits, they're great.

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