A-7 on a Catapult Shot on the USS Oriskany
Gordon Doody

Picture of an A-7 Corsair II Catapult Shot on the USS Oriskany CV-34.

This is the A-7 Corsair located at NAS Lemoore in 1976, these planes get shot off of a catapult
A-7 Corsair II Pilot
Picture Vought A-7 Corsair II from VA-125 & VA-215.
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Click Here is a A-7 Corsair II picture of a catapult assisted takeoff on the USS Oriskany.

The Catapults on the Aircraft Carrier rely on steam for their energy.  The catapult is located below the deck with a guide track that allows the airplane to hook to the catapult via a shuttle, cables and a torque link.   In the launch control area the catapult captain dials in the weight of the airplane then a man hooks the airplane up to the catapult with the cables and a torque link.  This torque link is designed to break when there is enough pressure on it ensuring that the catapult has enough pressure and the airplane is producing enough thrust.  If either force is not enough, when the catapult launch is initiated, the torque link will not break ensuring that there is never a cold catapult launch.  The picture of the catapult below is of a leading catapult design.

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A-7 Corsair II on the USS Oriskany Aircraft Carrier.
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A-7 on the USS Kitty Hawk

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Gordon Doody performing a Cat Shot on the USS Oriskany.

Where is the Oriskany Now, You can take a tour at
USS Oriskany CVA-34
The Oriskany Museum
420 Utica Street Box 284
Oriskany New York 13424

The museum houses a collection of documents and artifacts from the Village of Oriskany and the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany CV/CVA-34.

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