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John Story Jr. Missing In Action, MIA, Letter, Headquarters Army Air Forces.

John J. Story Sr. Receives a letter from the Headquarters Army Air Forces Washington that his son is MIA Missing in Action.

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John J Story Jr. Missing In Action

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Headquarters, Army Air Forces Washington.

Story, John J., Jr. 0555834

25 January 1945

Mr. John J. Story, Sr.
401 West End Avenue
Ashburn, Georgia

Dear Mr. Story:

I am writing you with reference to your son, Second Lieutenant John J. Story, Jr., who reported by The Adjutant General as missing in action over Germany since 5 November 1944.

Additional Information has been received indicating that Lieutenant Story was a crew member of a B-17 (Flying Fortress) bomber which participated in the bombardment mission to Ludwigshafen, Germany on 5 November 1944.  The report reveals that during this mission at about 11:25 a.m., over Mannheim, Germany, our planes were subjected to enemy antiaircraft fire and your son's bomber sustained damage.  Subsequently, the disabled craft left the formation and two parachutes were observed to emerge, and when last seen it went into a spin out of control.  Inasmuch as the crew members of accompanying planes were unable to make further observation of his aircraft, the forgoing constitutes all the information presently available.

Believing you may wish to communicate with the families of the others who were in the plane with your son, I am inclosing a list of these men and the names and addresses of their next of kin.

Please be assured that a continuing search by land, sea, and air is being made to discover the whereabouts of our missing personnel.  As our armies advance over enemy occupied territory, special troops are assigned to this task, and agencies of our government and allies frequently send in details which aid us in bringing additional information to you.

Very sincerely,

E. A. Bratunas
Major, Air Corps
Chief, Notification Branch
Personal Affairs Division
Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Personnel


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