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The Basic Flight Training Squadron 6, John Story in WWII.

Flight training starts at the Basic Flight Training Squadron 6, as seen by John Story in WWII.  Learning how to fly starts one step at a time.  Basic Flight training for a B-17 in WWII starts out with a single engine airplane.  This is what they did at the Basic Flight Training Squadron 6.

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Squadron 6, Basic Flight Training in WWII

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You must learn to crawl before you learn to walk.  You must learn to walk to before you learn to run.  And you must learn to fly a single engine airplane before you can fly the Mighty B-17 Flying Fortress four engined bomber in WWII.  This photo was taken at Minter Field California, Echelon Class 44-A.

This is the Basic Flight Training Squadron 6.

Squadron Commander, Captain Edward P. Denton.

Flight A.  Lt. Woodrow W. Schaeffer, Flight Commander
Instructors, Lt. Ernest E. Briggs, Lt Enoch H. Fudge, Lt. James G. Henry, Lt. Herbert O. Sundet.

Flight B.  Lt. John R. Fowler, Flight Commander
Instructors, Lt. Clarence C. Graham, Lt. Edwin H. Gough, Lt. Michael Guy, Lt. Robert L. Sill.

The plane that they used for Basic Flight Training was probably the AT-6, SNJ3, or BT-19 which are all very similar.  The AT-6 and SNJ3 were the Army and Navy Versions with retractable landing gear, where the BT-19 had a fixed gear that was not retractable.


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Picture from Echelon Class 44-A Minter Field California

  Picture from Echelon Class 44-A Minter Field California 




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