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Multi Engine Flight Training, Douglas Army Air Field, Douglas, Arizona Class 44-A WWII Aircraft.

The next step was Multi Engine Aircraft Flight Training at Douglas Army Air Field in Arizona, Class 44-A in WWII.  Once primary flight training was over, it was time to move on to the twin engine aircraft with more powerful engines.

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Douglas Army Air Field in Douglas, Arizona, Class 44-A

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Once primary flight training was completed, it was time to move on to Douglas Army Air Field in Douglas Arizona to learn to fly twin engined aircraft.  These planes were more powerful and more complex.  They used a crew instead of a pilot and an instructor.  This was a very necessary step before going to the huge four engine B-17 Bombers.

The picture above shows Class 44-A

A. D. Stephenson
J. K. Stockton
W. H. Soski
E. C. Sprague
C. E. Stinson, Jr.
J. J. Story, Jr.
J. C. Stewart, Jr.
C. L. Stemwedel
A. S. Spear
R. C. Specht



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Class 44-A Year Book Cover Class 44-A

  Picture from the cover of the Class Annual 




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