How it all ends up, Global Warming in the future


  How it All Ends, A Series of Videos About Global Warming.

This is a set of Free Global Warming Videos by Wonderingmind42.

The man is a Science Teacher and really gives some great talks about Global Warming.

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  Nature of Science Part 1 


  Nature of Science Part 2 


  Nature of Science Part 3 


  Risk Management Part 1 

Risk Management Part 2

Risk Management Part 3

Risk Management Part 4

Risk Management Part 5

Risk Management Part 6

Risk Management Part 7


  Why there is still a debate 1 


  Why there is still a debate 2 


  The Manpolo Project Part 1 


  The Manpolo Project Part 2 


 Mechanics of Global Climate Change Part 1

 Mechanics of Global Climate Change Part 2

 Mechanics of Global Climate Change Part 3



  Scare Tactics Part 1 


  Scare Tactics Part 2 


  Scare Tactics Part 3 


  Scare Tactics Part 4 


  Scare Tactics Part 5 


  Scare Tactics Part 6 


  The Solution Part 1 


  The Solution Part 2 


  The Solution Part 3 


  The Solution Part 4 


  God's Will 


  Get What You Want Part 1  


  Get What You Want Part 2  


  Get What You Want Part 3  


  I Hope I'm Wrong 1 


  I Hope I'm Wrong 2 


  No Holds Barred Part 1 


  No Holds Barred Part 2 


  No Holds Barred Part 3 


  No Holds Barred Part 4 


  No Holds Barred Part 5 


  No Holds Barred Part 6 


  Your Mission 1 


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Read More about Global Warming and find out the Truth

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What does the Future World Look Like




   Peak Moment with   
   Guest Guy Dauncey  

What's the future of the planet, is it doom or is it evolution of our ideas.
Author Guy Dauncey talks about alternatives, but also the necessary idea shift to make it happen.
Everything is not doom, with just a couple of changes in our ideas, we can have a much better world to live in.

Watch the above video 28 minutes of a great interview.


  Read More about Global Warming and find out the Truth

The background picture was taking by the Webmaster on the North Pole Expedition of 2003, of the sea ice while flying to the island of Spitsbergen, Norway in the Arctic Ocean.  I watched global warming happen in my nine years of North Pole Expedition evolvement.  It's real.


Listen to this man for the answer on,
what is the right course to take on global warming.


Latest YouTube video Look at this Arctic Ice Video between 2002 and 2007
The ice loss is way ahead of the most advanced climate change models.



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Read More about Global Warming, find out the Truth


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